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Control of Violence

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Table of contents

1. Control of Violence—An Analytical Framework
Andrea Kirschner, Stefan Malthaner

2. An End to Violence
Michel Wieviorka

3. Cross-National Homicide Trends in the Latter Decades of the Twentieth Century: Losses and Gains in Institutional Control?
Steven F. Messner, Benjamin Pearson-Nelson, Lawrence E. Raffalovich, Zachary Miner

4. Self-Control and the Management of Violence
Charles R. Tittle

5. Self-Control, Conscience, and Criminal Violence: Some Preliminary Considerations
Helmut Thome

6. Reading Religious Violence in Terms of Theories of Social Action
Hans G. Kippenberg

7. Religion and Control of Violence
Levent Tezcan

8. Gun Violence and Control in Germany 1880–1911: Scandalizing Gun Violence and Changing Perceptions as Preconditions for Firearm Control
Dagmar Ellerbrock

9. Controlling Control Institutions: Policing of Collective Protests in 1960s West Germany
Klaus Weinhauer

10. School Violence and Its Control in Germany and the United States Since the 1950s
Dirk Schumann

11. School Shooting: A Double Loss of Control
Nils Böckler, Thorsten Seeger, Wilhelm Heitmeyer

12. Explaining and Preventing School Shootings: Chances and Difficulties of Control
Rebecca Bondü, Herbert Scheithauer

13. Masculinity, School Shooters, and the Control of Violence
Ralph W. Larkin

14. Media and Control of Violence: Communication in School Shootings
Glenn W. Muschert, Massimo Ragnedda

15. Terrorism as Performance: The Assassinations of Walther Rathenau and Hanns-Martin Schleyer
Bernd Weisbrod

16. Party Politics, National Security, and Émigré Political Violence in Australia, 1949–1973
Mate Nikola Tokić

17. Control of Terror—Terror of Control
Jitka Malečková

18. Terrorism: Conditions and Limits of Control
Friedhelm Neidhardt

19. Fighting for the Community of Believers: Dynamics of Control in the Relationship Between Militant Islamist Movements and their Constituencies
Stefan Malthaner

20. Baseless Jihad
Khaled Al-Hashimi, Carolin Goerzig

21. Ethnic Riots in Situations of Loss of Control: Revolution, Civil War, and Regime Change as Opportunity Structures for Anti-Jewish Violence in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Europe
Werner Bergmann

22. Control and Chaos: Paramilitary Violence and the Dissolution of the Habsburg Empire
Robert Gerwarth

23. Failed States in Theoretical, Historical, and Policy Perspectives
Jean-Germain Gros

24. Putting Out the Fire with Gasoline? Violence Control in “Fragile” States: A Study of Vigilantism in Nigeria
Andrea Kirschner

Keywords: Social Sciences, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Political Science

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