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Ophthalmic Oncology

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Table of contents

1. Primary Orbital Cancers in Adults
Roman Shinder, Bita Esmaeli

2. Nonmalignant Tumors of the Orbit
Eric M. Hink, Vikram Durairaj

3. Pediatric Orbital Tumors
Jonathan J. Dutton, George K. Escaravage

4. Multidisciplinary Management of Orbital Rhabdomyosarcoma
Winston W. Huh, Anita Mahajan

5. Metastatic Orbital Tumors
Syed Mehdi Ahmad, Bita Esmaeli

6. Secondary Orbital Tumors Extending from Ocular or Periorbital Structures
Roman Shinder, Bita Esmaeli

7. Lacrimal Gland Tumors
Brent Hayek, Bita Esmaeli

8. Optic Nerve Sheath Fenestration in Cancer Patients: Indications and Surgical Technique
Thomas E. Johnson

9. Management of Primary Eyelid Cancers
Aaron Savar, Bita Esmaeli

10. Management of Conjunctival Neoplasms
Stella K. Kim, Dan S. Gombos, Bita Esmaeli

11. Surgical Specimen Handling for Conjunctival and Eyelid Tumors
Sheri L. DeMartelaere, Frank W. Scribbick, Doina Ivan

12. Neuroradiology of Ocular and Orbital Tumors
J. Matthew Debnam

13. Radiation Therapy for Orbital and Adnexal Tumors
Steven J. Frank, Anita Mahajan

14. Multidisciplinary Management of Retinoblastoma: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Future Direction
Maurizio L. Ghisoli, Peter E. Zage, Cindy Herzog, Patty Chevez-Barrios, Murali Chintagumpala, Richard L. Hurwitz, Anita Mahajan, Dan S. Gombos

15. Management of Uveal Melanoma
Michelle Ludwig, Adam S. Garden, Michelle D. Williams, Dan S. Gombos

16. Uveal Metastases from Solid Tumors
Gerardo D. Camoriano, Dan S. Gombos

17. Vascular Tumors of the Posterior Pole
Dan S. Gombos

18. Reconstructive Surgery for Eyelid Defects
Roman Shinder, Bita Esmaeli

19. Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction and Lacrimal Surgery in Cancer Patients
Aaron Savar, Bita Esmaeli

20. Eyelid Malposition: Unique Scenarios in Cancer Patients
Aaron Savar, Bita Esmaeli

21. Craniofacial Surgery in the Orbit and Periorbital Region
Dominick Golio

22. Enucleation, Evisceration, Orbital Implants, and Management of the Irradiated Socket
Miguel Gonzalez-Candial, Aaron Savar

23. Orbital Exenteration and Rehabilitation of the Exenterated Socket
Adam Hsu, Matthew M. Hanasono

24. Periorbital Surgical Rehabilitation After Facial Nerve Paralysis
Heather Chang, Mehryar Taban, Tanuj Nakra

25. Psychosocial Aspects of Orbitofacial Disfigurement in Cancer Patients
Alessandro Bonanno, Jin Young Choi

26. Lacrimal and Canalicular Toxicity
M. Amir Ahmadi, Bita Esmaeli

27. Orbital and Periorbital Side Effects of Chemotherapy
John D. Ng

28. Ocular and Orbital Infections in the Immunocompromised Cancer Patient
Viet H. Ho, Hao H. Ho

29. Cranial Nerve III, IV, and VI Palsies in the Cancer Patient
Meghan S. Flemmons, Jade S. Schiffman

30. Skull Base Tumors
Anitha Raghunath, Jade S. Schiffman

31. Optic Nerve Pathway Gliomas and Optic Nerve Meningiomas
Sonali Singh, Jade S. Schiffman

32. Leptomeningeal Disease
Gerardo D. Camoriano, Anitha Raghunath, Jade S. Schiffman

33. Paraneoplastic Visual Syndromes
Anitha Raghunath, Jade S. Schiffman

34. Neurofibromatosis: Tumors of the Optic Pathway
John M. Slopis, Jade S. Schiffman

35. Other Optic Nerve Maladies in Cancer Patients
Jade S. Schiffman, Anitha Raghunath, Rosa Ana Tang

36. Management of Endogenous Endophthalmitis
Kapil G. Kapoor, Gibran S. Khurshid, Garvin H. Davis, Bernard F. Godley

37. Viral Retinitis in the Cancer Patient
Gibran S. Khurshid, Garvin H. Davis, Kapil G. Kapoor, Bernard F. Godley

38. Diagnostic Vitrectomy and the Cancer Patient: Special Considerations
Garvin H. Davis, Gibran S. Khurshid, Kapil G. Kapoor, Bernard F. Godley

39. Intraocular Lymphoma: Current Therapy and Future Trends
Christopher J. Calvano, Stella K. Kim, Dan S. Gombos

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Oncology, Ophthalmology

Publication year
M.D. Anderson Solid Tumor Oncology Series
Page amount
14 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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