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Safeguarding Homeland Security

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Table of contents

1. The Role of the Private Sector in Homeland Security
Simon Hakim, Erwin A. Blackstone

2. Creating the Boston Medical Reserve Corps
Thomas M. Menino

3. The Hierarchy of Emergency Preparedness
Rob Drake

4. Border Security and State Safety and Security: Addressing Common Agendas
James Jay Carafano

5. Lessons Learned from the 2004 Atlantic Hurricane Season: How This Highly Active Year Helped Jacksonville, Florida, Build a Better Emergency Response System
John Peyton

6. Disaster Management: Privatization as a Viable Alternative©
Alan Kirschenbaum

7. Caring for the Evacuees from Hurricane Katrina and Rita
Bill White

8. Sheltering and Evacuating from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Henry Garrett

9. Local Government Contingency Planning for Public Security and Public Safety – Innovative and Remedial Efforts
David G. Wallace

10. Technological and Regional Cooperation Strategies: Securing the City and Port of Oakland, California
Ronald V. Dellums, Yolanda Burrell, Michael O’Brien

11. Innovative Anti-terror Information Sharing: Maryland’s Federal, State, and Local Partnership Model
Robert L. Ehrlich

12. Public Safety and Homeland Security Solutions: An Evolution of Technology and Policy
Edward G. Rendell

13. Utilizing Technology Within the Delaware Information and Analysis Center
Ruth Ann Minner

14. From Curiosity to Collaboration: Leveraging Technology to Improve Situational Awareness
Curt Pringle

15. How a Midwestern “Digital City” Serves and Protects the Public
Frank A. Pasquale

16. Hurricanes and Modern Communications Infrastructure
Barry H. Axelrod, James V. Mudd

17. The First Line of Defense: Cities Using Technology in Homeland Defense
David N. Cicilline

18. Full Interoperability for All South Dakota Public Safety
M. Michael Rounds, Otto Doll

19. Evolutionary Planning for the Technology Revolution
Bill Baarsma

20. History of Regional Unified and Integrated Public Safety and Public Service Communication and Transportation Systems
Will Wynn

21. Interoperability in the City of Tampa: A Partnership with the Department of Homeland Security
Pam Iorio

22. Capital Connections: Washington’s Public Safety Communications Suite
Anthony A. Williams

23. Information, Leadership and Decisiveness, All in One Room
Richard M. Daley

24. Beyond an Information Technology Approach to Continuity of Operations: The Commonwealth of Virginia Story
Timothy Kaine

25. The Soft Stuff is Still the Hard Stuff
Albert Morales, Todd S. Ramsey

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Management/Business for Professionals, Political Science, Organization/Planning

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