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The Basal Ganglia IX

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Table of contents

1. You Cannot Have a Vertebrate Brain Without a Basal Ganglia
Anton Reiner

2. The Involvement of Corticostriatal Loops in Learning Across Tasks, Species, and Methodologies
Carol A. Seger

3. Information Processing in the Striatum of Behaving Monkeys
Atsushi Nambu, Nobuhiko Hatanaka, Sayuki Takara, Yoshihisa Tachibana, Masahiko Takada

4. What Controls the Timing of Striatal Spiny Cell Action Potentials in the Up State?
Charles J. Wilson

5. Asymmetric Encoding of Positive and Negative Expectations by Low-Frequency Discharge Basal Ganglia Neurons
Mati Joshua, Avital Adler, Hagai Bergman

6. Stimulation Effect on Neuronal Activity in the Globus Pallidus of the Behaving Macaque
Izhar Bar-Gad, Robert S. Turner

7. High-Frequency Stimulation of the Globus Pallidus External Segment Biases Behavior Toward Reward
Avital Adler, Mati Joshua, Inna Finkes, Hagai Bergman

8. The Subthalamic Region of Luys, Forel, and Dejerine
John S. McKenzie

9. Organization of Motor Cortical Inputs to the Subthalamic Nucleus in the Monkey
Hirokazu Iwamuro, Yoshihisa Tachibana, Nobuhito Saito, Atsushi Nambu

10. A Subpopulation of Mesencephalic Dopamine Neurons Interfaces the Shell of Nucleus Accumbens and the Dorsolateral Striatum in Rats
Yvette C. Dongen, Bogdan P. Kolomiets, Henk J. Groenewegen, Anne-Marie Thierry, Jean-Michel Deniau

11. Synchrony of the Rat Medial Prefrontal Cortex Network During Isoflurane Anaesthesia
Mathijs Stegeman, Marieke Boer, Marcel Roest, Antonius B. Mulder

12. On the Relationships Between the Pedunculopontine Tegmental Nucleus, Corticostriatal Architecture, and the Medial Reticular Formation
David I. G. Wilson, Duncan A. A. MacLaren, Philip Winn

13. Microcircuits of the Pedunculopontine Nucleus
Juan Mena-Segovia, J. Paul Bolam

14. The Effects of Dopaminergic Modulation on Afferent Input Integration in the Ventral Striatal Medium Spiny Neuron
John A. Wolf, Jason T. Moyer, Leif H. Finkel

15. A Spiking Neuron Model of the Basal Ganglia Circuitry that Can Generate Behavioral Variability
Osamu Shouno, Johane Takeuchi, Hiroshi Tsujino

16. Learning with an Asymmetric Teacher: Asymmetric Dopamine-Like Response Can Be Used as an Error Signal for Reinforcement Learning
Rea Mitelman, Mati Joshua, Hagai Bergman

17. A Theoretical Information Processing-Based Approach to Basal Ganglia Function
Mandar Jog, Dorian Aur

18. The Cellular Localisation of GABAA and Glycine Receptors in the Human Basal Ganglia
Henry J. Waldvogel, Kristin Baer, Ray T. Gilbert, Weiping Gai, Mark I. Rees, Richard L. M. Faull

19. Comparative Ultrastructural Analysis of D1 and D5 Dopamine Receptor Distribution in the Substantia Nigra and Globus Pallidus of Monkeys
Michele A. Kliem, Jean-Francois Pare, Zafar U. Khan, Thomas Wichmann, Yoland Smith

20. Motor-Skill Learning in a Novel Running-Wheel Paradigm: Long-Term Memory Consolidated by D1 Receptors in the Striatum
Ingo Willuhn, Heinz Steiner

21. Discriminative Stimulus- vs. Conditioned Reinforcer-Induced Reinstatement of Drug-Seeking Behavior and arc mRNA Expression in Dorsolateral Striatum
Matthew D. Riedy, Raymond P. Kesner, Glen R. Hanson, Kristen A. Keefe

22. Preferential Modulation of the GABAergic vs. Dopaminergic Function in the Substantia Nigra by 5-HT2C Receptor
Giuseppe Di Giovanni, Vincenzo Di Matteo, Massimo Pierucci, Ennio Esposito

23. Blockade of GABA Transporter (GAT-1) Modulates the GABAergic Transmission in the Rat Globus Pallidus
Xiao-Tao Jin, Jean-Francois Paré, Yoland Smith

24. Nitric Oxide Modulation of the Dopaminergic Nigrostriatal System: Focus on Nicotine Action
Vincenzo Di Matteo, Massimo Pierucci, Arcangelo Benigno, Ennio Esposito, Giuseppe Crescimanno, Maurizio Casarrubea, Giuse Di Giovanni

25. Regulation of Dopamine Release by Striatal Acetylcholine and Nicotine Is via Distinct Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors in Dorsal vs. Ventral Striatum
Richard Exley, Michael A. Clements, Stephanie J. Cragg

26. Nitrergic Tone Influences Activity of Both Ventral Striatum Projection Neurons and Interneurons
Sarah Jane French, Henrike Hartung

27. Kainic Acid-Induced Cell Proliferation in the Striatum Is Not Estrogen Dependent
Magda Giordano, Daniela Cano-Sotomayor

28. Striatal Dopaminergic Denervation and Spine Loss in MPTP-Treated Monkeys
Rosa M. Villalba, Heyne Lee, Dinesh Raju, Yoland Smith

29. Prevention of Calbindin Recruitment into Nigral Dopamine Neurons from MPTP-Induced Degeneration in Macaca fascicularis

Masahiko Takada, Ken-ichi Inoue, Shigehiro Miyachi, Haruo Okado, Atsushi Nambu

30. Changes in the Subcellular Localization and Functions of GABA-B Receptors in the Globus Pallidus of MPTP-Treated Monkeys
Adriana Galvan, Bijli Nanda, Xing Hu, Yoland Smith, Thomas Wichmann

31. Morphogenesis of Rodent Neostriatum Following Early Developmental Dopamine Depletion
Pepijn Munckhof, Vladimir V. Rymar, Kelvin C. Luk, Lifeng Gu, Nienke S. Weiss, Pieter Voorn, Abbas F. Sadikot

32. Upregulation of NAD(P)H:Quinone Oxidoreductase (NQO1) in Glial Cells of 6-Hydroxydopamine-Lesioned Substantia Nigra in the Rat
Andrea C. Kil, Benjamin Drukarch, Allert J. Jonker, Henk J. Groenewegen, Pieter Voorn

33. Clioquinol Protects Against Cell Death in Parkinson’s Disease Models In Vivo and In Vitro
Simon Wilkins, Colin L. Masters, Ashley I. Bush, Robert A. Cherny, David I. Finkelstein

34. Oscillatory Activity and Synchronization in the Basal Ganglia Network in Rodent Models of Parkinson’s Disease
Judith R. Walters, Patrick L. Tierney, Debra A. Bergstrom

35. Behavioural Correlates of Dopaminergic Agonists’ Dyskinetic Potential in the 6-OHDA-Lesioned Rat
Anna R. Carta, Lucia Frau, Annalisa Pinna, Micaela Morelli

36. Basal Ganglia and Behaviour: Behavioural Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation in Experimental Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders
Thibault Sesia, Sonny Tan, Rinske Vlamings, Lee Wei Lim, Veerle Visser-Vandewalle, Yasin Temel

37. Modeling Nonmotor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease in Genetic Mouse Models
Sheila M. Fleming, Marie-Francoise Chesselet

38. Differential Expression of Doublecortin-Like Kinase Gene Products in the Striatum of Behaviorally Hyperresponsive Rats
Pieter Voorn, Tessa Hartog, Allert Jan Jonker, Louk J.M.J. Vanderschuren, Erno Vreugdenhil

39. Paradox of the Basal Ganglia Model: The Antidyskinetic Effect of Surgical Lesions in Movement Disorders
Jose A. Obeso, Fernando Alonso-Frech, Maria Cruz Rodriguez-Oroz, Lazaro Alvarez, Raul Macias, Gerardo Lopez, Jorge Guridi

40. The Dynamic Relationship Between Voluntary and Involuntary Motor Behaviours in Patients with Basal Ganglia Disorders
Christian Duval, Alison Fenney, Mandar S. Jog

41. Reduced and Modified Neuronal Activity in the Subthalamic Nucleus of Parkinson’s Disease Patients with Prior Pallidotomy
Adam Zaidel, Hagai Bergman, Zvi Israel

42. Inhibition of Neuronal Firing in the Human Substantia Nigra Pars Reticulata in Response to High-Frequency Microstimulation Aids Localization of the Subthalamic Nucleus
Myriam Lafreniere-Roula, William D. Hutchison, Mojgan Hodaie, Andres M. Lozano, Jonathan O. Dostrovsky

43. Activity of Thalamic Ventralis Oralis Neurons in Rigid-Type Parkinson’s Disease
Chihiro Ohye, Sumito Sato, Tohru Shibazaki

44. Motor and Non-motor Effects of PPN-DBS in PD Patients: Insights from Intra-operative Electrophysiology
Alessandro Stefani, Salvatore Galati, Mariangela Pierantozzi, Antonella Peppe, Livia Brusa, Vincenzo Moschella, Francesco Marzetti, Paolo Stanzione

45. Observation of Involuntary Movements Through Clinical Effects of Surgical Treatments
Fusako Yokochi, Makoto Taniguchi, Toru Terao, Ryoichi Okiyama, Hiroshi Takahashi

Keywords: Biomedicine, Neurosciences, Neurology, Neurobiology

Publication year
Advances in Behavioral Biology
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632 pages
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