Linsky, J. L.

From the Outer Heliosphere to the Local Bubble

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Table of contents

1. Foreword
Jeffrey Linsky, Vlad Izmodenov, Eberhard Möbius

2. Dedication to Dr. George Gloeckler
Eberhard Möbius

3. The Solar Wind in the Outer Heliosphere
J. D. Richardson, E. C. Stone

4. Constraints on the Structure of the Heliospheric Interface Based on Ly? Absorption Spectra
Brian E. Wood, Vladislav V. Izmodenov, Yury G. Malama

5. Influence of the Interstellar Magnetic Field and Neutrals on the Shape of the Outer Heliosphere
N. V. Pogorelov, J. Heerikhuisen, G. P. Zank, S. N. Borovikov

6. Confronting Observations and Modeling: The Role oftheInterstellar Magnetic Field in Voyager 1 and 2 Asymmetries
M. Opher, J. D. Richardson, G. Toth, T. I. Gombosi

7. The Dynamic Heliosphere: Outstanding Issues
V. Florinski, A. Balogh, J. R. Jokipii, D. J. McComas, M. Opher, N. V. Pogorelov, J. D. Richardson, E. C. Stone, B. E. Wood

8. The Heliospheric Magnetic Field and Its Extension totheInner Heliosheath
A. Balogh, J. R. Jokipii

9. Pickup Ion Acceleration at the Termination Shock andintheHeliosheath
V. Florinski

10. ENA Imaging of the Inner Heliosheath—Preparing forthe Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX)
David J. McComas

11. Local Interstellar Parameters as They Are Inferred fromAnalysis of Observations Inside the Heliosphere
Vladislav V. Izmodenov

12. Interplanetary Lyman ? Observations: Intensities fromVoyagers and Line Profiles from HST/STIS
Eric Quémerais, Rosine Lallement, Bill R. Sandel, John T. Clarke

13. Composition of Interstellar Neutrals and the Origin ofAnomalous Cosmic Rays
G. Gloeckler, L. A. Fisk, J. Geiss, M. E. Hill, D. C. Hamilton, R. B. Decker, S. M. Krimigis

14. Neutral H Density at the Termination Shock: AConsolidation of Recent Results
M. Bzowski, E. Möbius, S. Tarnopolski, V. Izmodenov, G. Gloeckler

15. Is the Sun Embedded in a Typical Interstellar Cloud?
Priscilla C. Frisch

16. Pressure and Ionization Balances intheCircum-Heliospheric Interstellar Medium andtheLocalBubble
Edward B. Jenkins

17. The Solar Wind Charge-eXchange Contribution to the Local Soft X-ray Background
Dimitra Koutroumpa, Rosine Lallement, Vasili Kharchenko, Alex Dalgarno

18. Revising the Local Bubble Model due to Solar Wind Charge Exchange X-ray Emission
Robin L. Shelton

19. Warm and Hot Gas in the Local ISM
Barry Y. Welsh

20. What Can Be Learned from X-ray Spectroscopy Concerning Hot Gas in the Local Bubble and Charge Exchange Processes?
S. L. Snowden

21. What Physical Processes Drive the Interstellar Medium in the Local Bubble?
D. Breitschwerdt, M. A. Avillez, B. Fuchs, C. Dettbarn

22. Plasma Turbulence in the Local Bubble
Steven R. Spangler

23. Exotic Clouds in the Local Interstellar Medium
Snežana Stanimirovi?

24. The Local Bubble Debate
Robin L. Shelton

25. The Origins and Physical Properties of the Complex ofLocal Interstellar Clouds
Jonathan D. Slavin

26. Physical Properties of the Local Interstellar Medium
Seth Redfield

27. Perspectives on Interstellar Dust Inside and Outside ofthe Heliosphere
B. T. Draine

28. Interstellar Dust Inside and Outside the Heliosphere
Harald Krüger, Eberhard Grün

29. Obtaining Spectra of Turbulent Velocity fromObservations
A. Lazarian

30. Properties and Selected Implications of Magnetic Turbulence for Interstellar Medium, Local Bubble andSolar Wind
A. Lazarian, A. Beresnyak, H. Yan, M. Opher, Y. Liu

31. The Heliosphere in Time
H.-R. Müller, P. C. Frisch, B. D. Fields, G. P. Zank

32. Some Observations Related to the Origin and Evolution of the Local Bubble/Local ISM
Rosine Lallement

33. Origin of the Local Bubble
Burkhard Fuchs, Dieter Breitschwerdt, Miguel A. Avillez, Christian Dettbarn

34. Kinetic-Fluid Perspective on Modeling theHeliospheric/Interstellar Medium Interface
V. B. Baranov

35. From the Heliosphere to the Local Bubble—What Have We Learned?
Eberhard Möbius

Keywords: Physics, Extraterrestrial Physics, Space Sciences, Planetology

Publication year
Space Sciences Series of ISSI
Page amount
484 pages
Natural Sciences

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