Krohn, Marvin D.

Handbook on Crime and Deviance

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Table of contents

2. Contributions of Cross-National Research to Criminology at the Beginning of the 21st Century
Janet P. Stamatel

3. Studying the Crime Problem with NIBRS Data: Current Uses and Future Trends
Lynn A. Addington

4. Longitudinal Data and Their Uses
Alan J. Lizotte, David McDowall, Nicole M. Schmidt

5. Group-Based Modeling: An Overview
Daniel S. Nagin

6. Biosocial Criminology
Anthony Walsh, Kevin M. Beaver

7. The Social Learning Theory of Crime and Deviance
Ronald L. Akers, Wesley G. Jennings

8. Self-Referent Processes and the Explanation of Deviant Behavior
Howard B. Kaplan

9. Self-Control Theory: Research Issues
Alex R. Piquero

10. General Strain Theory
Robert Agnew

11. Labeling Theory
Jón Gunnar Bernburg

12. Institutional Anomie Theory: A Macro-sociological Explanation of Crime
Steven F. Messner, Richard Rosenfeld

13. Social Disorganization Theory: Then, Now, and in the Future
Charis E. Kubrin

14. Deterrence and Decision Making: Research Questions and Theoretical Refinements
Greg Pogarsky

15. Situational Crime Prevention: Theoretical Background and Current Practice
Ronald V. Clarke

16. Desistance from Crime
Lila Kazemian, Shadd Maruna

17. The Flow and Ebb of American Capital Punishment
James R. Acker

18. The Joint Effects of Offender Race/Ethnicity and Sexon Sentencing Outcomes
Pauline K. Brennan

19. Knowledge to Practice or Knowledge of Practice? A Comparison of Two Approaches to Bringing Science to Service
David E. Duffee

20. Peers and Delinquency
Mark Warr

21. The Many Ways of Knowing: Multi-Method, Comparative Research to Enhance Our Understanding of and Responses to Youth Street Gangs
Dana Peterson

22. Developmental Sequences and Comorbidity of Substance Use and Violence
Helene Raskin White, Kristina M. Jackson, Rolf Loeber

23. Caught in a Crossfire: Legal and Illegal Gun Ownership in America
Richard L. Legault, Alan J. Lizotte

24. Family Violence and Delinquency
Carolyn A. Smith, Timothy O. Ireland

25. Hate Crimes: Perspectives on Offending and the Law
Ryan D. King

26. Cybercrime
Graeme R. Newman

Keywords: Social Sciences, general, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Sociology

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Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research
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18 pages

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