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Resilience in Aging

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Table of contents

1. Resilience: Definitions, Ambiguities, and Applications
Rebecca S. Allen, Philip P. Haley, Grant M. Harris, Stevie N. Fowler, Roopwinder Pruthi

2. Successful Aging and Resilience: Applications for Public Health and Health Care
Angela K. Hochhalter, Matthew Lee Smith, Marcia G. Ory

3. Resilience and Personality Disorders in Older Age
Erlene Rosowsky

4. What Do We Know About Resilience in Older Adults? An Exploration of Some Facts, Factors, and Facets
Phillip G. Clark, Patricia M. Burbank, Geoffrey Greene, Norma Owens, Deborah Riebe

5. Psychological Resilience
Michelle E. Mlinac, Tom H. Sheeran, Bryan Blissmer, Faith Lees, Diane Martins

6. Physiological Resilience
Gregory Hicks, Ram R. Miller

7. Using the Arts to Promote Resiliency Among Persons with Dementia and Their Caregivers
Robert E. Roush, Michelle Braun, Anne Davis Basting, Jerald Winakur, Francesca Rosenberg, Susan H. McFadden

8. Promoting Worker Resilience Over the Lifecourse
Christopher McLoughlin, Philip Taylor, Philip Bohle

9. Resilience in Aging: Cultural and Ethnic Perspectives
Darlene Yee-Melichar

10. Civic Engagement: Policies and Programs to Support a Resilient Aging Society
Nancy Morrow-Howell, Greg O’Neill, Jennifer C. Greenfield

11. Strengthened by the Spirit: Religion, Spirituality, and Resilience Through Adulthood and Aging
Carol Ann Faigin, Kenneth I. Pargament

12. Resilience in Chronic Illness
Ranak B. Trivedi, Hayden B. Bosworth, George L. Jackson

13. The Relationship Between Resilience and Motivation
Barbara Resnick

14. The Association Between Resilience and Survival Among Chinese Elderly
Ke Shen, Yi Zeng

15. Fostering Resilience in Dementia Through Narratives: Contributions of Multimedia Technologies
Barbara Purves, Marie Y. Savundranayagam, Elizabeth Kelson, Arlene Astell, Alison Phinney

16. Building Resilience in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Early-Stage Dementia: Innovative Approaches to Intervention and Outcome Evaluation
Linda Clare, Glynda J. Kinsella, Rebecca Logsdon, Carol Whitlatch, Steven H. Zarit

17. African American Caregivers Finding Resilience Through Faith
Joseph G. Pickard, M. Denise King

18. The Age-Friendly New York City Project: An Environmental Intervention to Increase Aging Resilience
Julie Netherland, Ruth Finkelstein, Paula Gardner

19. Promoting Resilience in Small-Scale, Homelike Residential Care Settings for Older People with Dementia: Experiences from the Netherlands and the United States
Hilde Verbeek, Rosalie A. Kane, Erik Rossum, Jan P. H. Hamers

20. A Geriatric Mobile Crisis Response Team: A Resilience-Promoting Program to Meet the Mental Health Needs of Community-Residing Older People
Donna Cohen, B. L. King-Kallimanis

21. Optimizing Resilience in the 21st Century
Mary Hamil Parker

22. Resilience in the Workplace: Job Conditions that Buffer Negative Attitudes Toward Older Workers
Jacquelyn B. James, Elyssa Besen, Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes

23. Conclusion
Barbara Resnick

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Geriatrics/Gerontology, Personality and Social Psychology, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

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20 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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