Stahl, Gerry

Studying Virtual Math Teams

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Table of contents

1. A Chat About Chat
Gerry Stahl

2. The VMT Vision
Gerry Stahl

3. Mathematical Discourse as Group Cognition
Gerry Stahl

4. Interactional Methods and Social Practices in VMT
Gerry Stahl

5. From Individual Representations to Group Cognition
Gerry Stahl

6. The Sequential Co-Construction of the Joint Problem Space
Johann W. Sarmiento-Klapper

7. The Organization of Graphical, Narrative and Symbolic Interactions
Murat Perit Çakir

8. Question Co-Construction in VMT Chats
Nan Zhou

9. Resolving Differences of Perspective in a VMT Session
Ramon Prudencio S. Toledo

10. Representational Practices in VMT
Richard Medina, Daniel D. Suthers, Ravi Vatrapu

11. Student and Team Agency in VMT
Elizabeth S. Charles, Wesley Shumar

12. Group Creativity in VMT
Johann W. Sarmiento-Klapper

13. Inscriptions, Mathematical Ideas and Reasoning in VMT
Arthur B. Powell, F. Frank Lai

14. Reading’s Work in VMT
Alan Zemel, Murat Perit Çakir

15. The Integration of Dual-Interaction Spaces
Martin Mühlpfordt, Martin Wessner

16. Designing a Mix of Synchronous and Asynchronous Media for VMT
Gerry Stahl

17. Deictic Referencing in VMT
Gerry Stahl

18. Scripting Group Processes in VMT
Gerry Stahl

19. Helping Agents in VMT
Yue Cui, Rohit Kumar, Sourish Chaudhuri, Gahgene Gweon, Carolyn Penstein Rosé

20. Thread-Based Analysis of Patterns in VMT
Murat Perit Çakir, Fatos Xhafa, Nan Zhou

21. Studying Response-Structure Confusion in VMT
Hugo Fuks, Mariano Pimentel

22. A Multidimensional Coding Scheme for VMT
Jan-Willem Strijbos

23. Combining Coding and Conversation Analysis of VMT Chats
Alan Zemel, Fatos Xhafa, Murat Perit Çakir

24. Polyphonic Inter-Animation of Voices in VMT
Stefan Trausan-Matu, Traian Rebedea

25. A Model for Analyzing Math Knowledge Building in VMT
Juan Dee Wee, Chee-Kit Looi

26. Meaning Making in VMT
Gerry Stahl

27. Critical Ethnography in the VMT Project
Terrence W. Epperson

28. Toward a Science of Group Cognition
Gerry Stahl

Keywords: Education, Educational Technology, Mathematics Education

Publication year
Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Series
Upbringing, Education

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