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Data Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Terry M. Talley, John R. Talburt, Yupo Chan

2. A Declarative Approach to Entity Resolution
Tanton H. Gibbs

3. Transitive Closure of Data Records: Application and Computation
Wing Ning Li, Roopa Bheemavaram, Xiaojun Zhang

4. Semantic Data Matching: Principles and Performance
Russell Deaton, Thao Doan, Tom Schweiger

5. Application of the Near Miss Strategy and Edit Distance to Handle Dirty Data
Cihan Varol, Coskun Bayrak, Rick Wagner, Dana Goff

6. A Parallel General-Purpose Synthetic Data Generator1

Joseph E. Hoag, Craig W. Thompson

7. A Grid Operating Environment for CDI
Terry M. Talley

8. Parallel File Systems
Robert Ross, Philip Carns, David Metheny

9. Performance Modeling of Enterprise Grids
Doug L. Hoffman, Amy Apon, Larry Dowdy, Baochuan Lu, Nathan Hamm, Linh Ngo, Hung Bui

10. Delay Characteristics of Packet Switched Networks
Qiang Duan

11. Knowledge Discovery in Textual Databases: A Concept-Association Mining Approach
Mutlu Mete, Nurcan Yuruk, Xiaowei Xu, Daniel Berleant

12. Mining E-Documents to Uncover Structures
Azita Bahrami

13. Designing a Flexible Framework for a Table Abstraction
H. Conrad Cunningham, Yi Liu, Jingyi Wang

14. Information Quality Framework for Verifiable Intelligence Products
Hongwei Zhu, Richard Y. Wang

15. Interactive Visualization of Large High-Dimensional Datasets
Wei Ding, Ping Chen

16. Image Watermarking Based on Pyramid Decomposition with CH Transform
R. Kountchev, M. Milanova, Vl. Todorov, R. Kountcheva

17. Immersive Visualization of Cellular Structures
Sinan Kockara, Nawab Ali, Serhan Dagtas

18. Visualization and Ontology of Geospatial Intelligence
Yupo Chan

19. Looking Ahead
Yupo Chan, John Talburt, Terry Talley

Keywords: Computer Science, Database Management, Information Storage and Retrieval, Business Information Systems, Information Systems and Communication Service, Operations Research/Decision Theory, e-Commerce/e-business

Publication year
International Series in Operations Research & Management Science
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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