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Targeted Cancer Immune Therapy

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Table of contents

1. Role of IL12 Family in Regulation of Antitumor Immune Response
Denada Dibra, Shulin Li

2. IL-18 in Regulation of Antitumor Immune Response and Clinical Application
Chintana Chirathaworn, Yong Poovorawan

3. Interleukin-21 and Cancer Therapy
Ian D. Davis, Kresten Skak, Naomi Hunder, Mark J. Smyth, Pallavur V. Sivakumar

4. IL-24 in Regulation of Antitumor Immune Response and in Signaling
Sita Aggarwal, William Hansel, Rajasree Solipuram

5. IL-28 and IL-29 in Regulation of Antitumor Immune Response and Induction of Tumor Regression
Muneo Numasaki

6. Passive and Active Tumor Homing Cytokine Therapy
Jeffry Cutrera, Shulin Li

7. New Strategies to Improve Tumor Cell Vaccine Therapy
Jian Qiao, Haidong Dong

8. Modification of Dendritic Cells to Enhance Cancer Vaccine Potency
Archana Monie, Chien-Fu Hung, T.-C. Wu

9. Dendritic Cell Vaccines for Immunotherapy of Cancer: Challenges in Clinical Trials
Lazar Vujanovic, Lisa H. Butterfield

10. A “Toll Bridge” for Tumor-Specific T Cells
Eduardo Davila

11. Engineering Adult Stem Cells for Cancer Immunotherapy
Wesley Burnside, Yan Cui

12. Animal Models for Evaluating Immune Responses of Human Effector Cells In Vivo

Faisal Razzaqi, Wesley M. Burnside, Lolie Yu, Yan Cui

13. CD40 Stimulation and Antitumor Effects
Danice E. C. Wilkins, William J. Murphy

14. Immunocytokines: A Novel Approach to Cancer Immune Therapy
Stephen D. Gillies

15. Immune Escape: Role of Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase in Tumor Tolerance
Jessica B. Katz, Alexander J. Muller, Richard Metz, George C. Prendergast

16. Adoptive Transfer of T-Bodies: Toward an Effective Cancer Immunotherapy
Dinorah Friedmann-Morvinski, Zelig Eshhar

17. Targeting Toll-Like Receptor for the Induction of Immune and Antitumor Responses
Joseph Lustgarten, Dominique Hoelzinger, Maria Adelaida Duque, Shannon Smith, Noweeda Mirza

18. Manipulating TNF Receptors to Enhance Tumor Immunity for the Treatment of Cancer
Carl E. Ruby, Andrew D. Weinberg

Keywords: Biomedicine, Cancer Research, Pharmacology/Toxicology

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