Cavalcanti, Francisco Rodrigo Porto

Optimizing Wireless Communication Systems

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Table of contents

2. Power Control for Wireless Networks: Conventional and QoS-Flexible Approaches
Fabiano S. Chaves, Francisco R.P. Cavalcanti, Raimundo A. Oliveira Neto, Ricardo B. Santos

3. Radio Resource Management Performance for the GSM/EDGE Radio Acess Network
Yuri C. B. Silva, Tarcisio F. Maciel, Francisco R.P. Cavalcanti

4. Performance Optimization in Practical HSPA Networks for Wireless Broadband Access
Mário I.J. Silva

5. Congestion Control for Wireless Cellular Systems with Applications to UMTS
Emanuel B. Rodrigues, Francisco R.P. Cavalcanti, Stefan Wänstedt

6. Resource Allocation in Multiuser Multicarrier Wireless Systems with Applications to LTE
Walter Freitas, F. Rafael M. Lima, Ricardo B. Santos, Francisco R.P. Cavalcanti

7. Common Radio Resource Management for Multiaccess Wireless Networks
Alex P. Silva, Leonardo S. Cardoso, Vicente A. Souza, Francisco R.P. Cavalcanti

8. Strategies for Link-Level Performance Assessment in the Simulation of Wireless Systems
Elvis M.G. Stancanelli, Carlos H.M. Lima, Darlan C. Moreira

9. Channel Equalization Techniques for Wireless Communications Systems
Cristiano M. Panazio, Aline O. Neves, Renato R. Lopes, Joao M.T. Romano

10. Channel Estimation for OFDM Systems: Techniques, Algorithms, and Performance
Rui F. Vigelis, Darlan C. Moreira, Charles C. Cavalcante

11. Link Adaptation for MIMO-OFDM Systems
Darlan C. Moreira, Walter C. Freitas, Cibelly A. Araújo, Charles C. Cavalcante

12. Multiuser MIMO Systems Using Space–Time–Frequency Multiple-Access PARAFAC Tensor Modeling
A.L.F. Almeida, G. Favier, J.C.M. Mota

13. MIMO Transceiver Design for Enhanced Performance Under Limited Feedback
Ícaro L.J. Silva, André L. F. Almeida, Francisco R.P. Cavalcanti, Gérard Favier

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Circuits and Systems

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37 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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