Hoyles, Celia

Mathematics Education and Technology-Rethinking the Terrain

Hoyles, Celia - Mathematics Education and Technology-Rethinking the Terrain, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Celia Hoyles, Jean-Baptiste Lagrange

2. Introduction to Section 1
Celia Hoyles, Nathalie Sinclair

3. Designing Software for Mathematical Engagement through Modeling
Jere Confrey, Celia Hoyles, Duncan Jones, Ken Kahn, Alan P. Maloney, Kenny H. Nguyen, Richard Noss, Dave Pratt

4. Designing Digital Technologies and Learning Activities for Different Geometries
Keith Jones, Kate Mackrell, Ian Stevenson

5. Implementing Digital Technologies at a National Scale
Nathalie Sinclair, Ferdinando Arzarello, Maria Trigueros Gaisman, Maria Dolores Lozano, Valentina Dagiene, Emran Behrooz, Nicholas Jackiw

6. Introduction to Section 2
Paul Drijvers, Maria-Alessandra Mariotti, John Olive, Ana Isabel Sacristán

7. Integrating Technology into Mathematics Education: Theoretical Perspectives
Paul Drijvers, Carolyn Kieran, Maria-Alessandra Mariotti, Janet Ainley, Mette Andresen, Yip Cheung Chan, Thierry Dana-Picard, Ghislaine Gueudet, Ivy Kidron, Allen Leung, Michael Meagher

8. Mathematical Knowledge and Practices Resulting from Access to Digital Technologies
John Olive, Katie Makar, Verónica Hoyos, Liew Kee Kor, Olga Kosheleva, Rudolf Sträßer

9. The Influence and Shaping of Digital Technologies on the Learning – and Learning Trajectories – of Mathematical Concepts
Ana Isabel Sacristán, Nigel Calder, Teresa Rojano, Manuel Santos-Trigo, Alex Friedlander, Hartwig Meissner, Michal Tabach, Luis Moreno, Elvia Perrusquía

10. Micro-Level Automatic Assessment Supported by Digital Technologies
Chris Sangwin, Claire Cazes, Arthur Lee, Ka Lok Wong

11. Technology, Communication, and Collaboration: Re-thinking Communities of Inquiry, Learning and Practice
Ruth Beatty, Vince Geiger

12. Introduction to Section 3
Lulu Healy, Jean-Baptiste Lagrange

13. Working with Teachers: Context and Culture
Anne Berit Fuglestad, Lulu Healy, Chronis Kynigos, John Monaghan

14. Teachers and Teaching: Theoretical Perspectives and Issues Concerning Classroom Implementation
Merrilyn Goos, Sophie Soury-Lavergne, Teresa Assude, Jill Brown, Chow Ming Kong, Derek Glover, Brigitte Grugeon, Colette Laborde, Zsolt Lavicza, Dave Miller, Margaret Sinclair

15. Teacher Education Courses in Mathematics and Technology: Analyzing Views and Options
Brigitte Grugeon, Jean-Baptiste Lagrange, Daniel Jarvis, Mara Alagic, Mili Das, Diana Hunscheidt

16. Introduction to Section 4
Colleen Vale, Cyril Julie, Chantal Buteau, Jim Ridgway

17. Some Regional Developments in Access and Implementation of Digital Technologies and ICT
Cyril Julie, Allen Leung, Nguyen Chi Thanh, Linda S. Posadas, Ana Isabel Sacristán, Alexei Semenov

18. Technology for Mathematics Education: Equity, Access and Agency
Helen J. Forgasz, Colleen Vale, Sonia Ursini

19. Factors Influencing Implementation of Technology-Rich Mathematics Curriculum and Practices
Teresa Assude, Chantal Buteau, Helen Forgasz

20. Introduction to Section 5
Celia Hoyles, Jean-Baptiste Lagrange

21. Design for Transformative Practices
Douglas Butler, Nicholas Jackiw, Jean-Marie Laborde, Jean-Baptiste Lagrange, Michal Yerushalmy

22. Connectivity and Virtual Networks for Learning
Celia Hoyles, Ivan Kalas, Luc Trouche, Laurent Hivon, Richard Noss, Uri Wilensky

23. The Future of Teaching and Learning Mathematics with Digital Technologies
Michèle Artigue

Keywords: Education, Mathematics Education, Computers and Education

Publication year
New ICMI Study Series
Page amount
12 pages
Upbringing, Education

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