Borsook, David

Imaging in CNS Drug Discovery and Development

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Table of contents

1. The Challenges and Opportunities
David Borsook, Edward Bullmore, Lino Becerra, Richard Hargreaves

2. Imaging of CNS Systems: Importance for Drug Development
Hong I. Wan, Mitchel A. Kling, Mark Day, Juan Chavez, Giora Feuerstein, Orest Hurko, Menelas N. Pangalos

3. Anatomical Imaging: Volumetric Analysis
Natalie L. Voets

4. Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Drug Development
Dominique L. Jennings, A. Gregory Sorensen

5. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Drug Development
Jaymin Upadhyay, David Borsook, Lino Becerra

6. Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Pharmacological Systems
Hanbing Lu, Thomas J. Ross, Elliot A. Stein

7. Molecular Imaging: Basic Approaches
Elisenda Rodriguez, John W. Chen

8. Chemical Imaging: Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: The Basics
Andrew P. Prescot, Perry F. Renshaw

9. Animal Imaging
Donald Williams, Alexandre Coimbra, Fuqiang Zhao

10. Incorporating Functional MRI into Clinical Pharmacology Trials
Ajay Verma, Ruben Declercq, Alexandre Coimbra, Eric Achten

11. Imaging Placebo Responses in the Brain
Luana Colloca, Fabrizio Benedetti

12. Structural Imaging of Drug Actions in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Susanne G. Mueller

13. Molecular Imaging of the CNS: Drug Actions
Thomas Mueggler, Markus Rudin

14. Translational MRI in CNS Drug Discovery
Markus Kienlin, Céline Risterucci

15. In Vivo Mouse Imaging and Spectroscopy in Drug Discovery
Nicolau Beckmann, Catherine Cannet, Martin Rausch, Rainer Kneuer, Hans-Ulrich Gremlich

16. Neuroimaging in Understanding Chronic Pain Mechanisms and the Development of New Therapies
Karolina Wartolowska, Irene Tracey

17. Neuroimaging Human Drug Addiction
P. A. Woicik, N. Alia-Klein, N. D. Volkow, R. Z. Goldstein

18. Anxiety: Uncover Roles of Stress Related Genes by Imaging Genetics
David Goldman, Zhifeng Zhou

19. Imaging CNS Disease States: Alzheimer’s Disease
Bradford C. Dickerson

20. Brain Development and CNS Plasticity
Damien A. Fair, Bradley L. Schlaggar

21. Imaging in CNS Disease States: PTSD
J. Douglas Bremner

22. Integrative Processes: Neuroscience Clinical Imaging Biomarkers
Igor D. Grachev, Richard J. Hargreaves

23. Reasons to Believe: The Potential of Imaging in CNS Drug Development
Richard Hargreaves, Edward Bullmore, Lino R. Becerra, David Borsook

Keywords: Biomedicine, Pharmacology/Toxicology, Biotechnology, Neurosciences, Cancer Research

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Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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