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Pharmaceutical Perspectives of Cancer Therapeutics

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Table of contents

2. Tumor Microvasculature and Microenvironment: Therapeutic Targets for Inhibition of Tumor Angiogenesis and Metastasis
Chikezie O. Madu, Yi Lu

3. Anticancer Drug Development
Ajit S. Narang, Divyakant S. Desai

4. Tumor-Targeted Macromolecular Drug Delivery Based on the Enhanced Permeability and Retention Effect in Solid Tumor
Takahiro Seki, Jun Fang, Hiroshi Maeda

5. Multidrug Resistance in Solid Tumor and Its Reversal
Ho Lun Wong, Xiao Yu Wu, Reina Bendayan

6. Targeting of Apoptosis Signaling Pathways and Their Mediators for Cancer Therapy
Arun K. Rishi, Xinbo Zhang, Anil Wali

7. Role of Telomerase in Cancer Therapeutics
Kyung H. Choi, Michel M. Ouellette

8. Polymeric Carriers for Anticancer Drugs
Dongin Kim, You Han Bae

9. Application of Nanobiotechnology in Cancer Therapeutics
K. K. Jain

10. Receptor-Mediated Delivery of Proteins and Peptides to Tumors
Christian Dohmen, Manfred Ogris

11. Protein Transduction Domain-Mediated Delivery of Anticancer Proteins
Hiroshi Harada, Masahiro Hiraoka

12. Pharmaceutical Perspectives of Cancer Therapeutics: Current Therapeutic Uses of Monoclonal Antibodies
Michael D. Axelson, David E. Gerber

13. Cancer Vaccines
Zsuzsanna Tabi

14. RNA Interference for Cancer Therapy
Kun Cheng, Bin Qin

15. MicroRNAs as Therapeutic Targets for Cancer
Guofeng Cheng, Michael Danquah, Ram I. Mahato

16. Targeted Therapies for Malignant Brain Tumors
Matthew A. Tyler, Adam Quasar Sugihara, Ilya V. Ulasov, Maciej S. Lesniak

17. The Complexity of the HIF-1-Dependent Hypoxic Response in Breast Cancer Presents Multiple Avenues for Therapeutic Intervention
Tiffany N. Seagroves

18. Cancer Stem Cells: Potential Mediators of Therapeutic Resistance and Novel Targets of Anti-cancer Treatments
Hong Yan, Jichao Qin, Dean G. Tang

19. Image-Guided Photodynamic Cancer Therapy
Zheng Rong Lu, Anagha Vaidya

20. Functional Imaging of Multidrug Resistance and Its Applications
Célia M. F. Gomes

21. Gene Expression Microarrays in Cancer Research
Jian Yan, Weikuan Gu

22. Clinical Trials and Translational Applications in Cancer Therapy
Dineo Khabele, Derrick Beech

Keywords: Biomedicine, Cancer Research

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