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The Auditory Cortex

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Table of contents

1. The Historical Development of Ideas About the Auditory Cortex
Edward G. Jones

2. A Profile of Auditory Forebrain Connections and Circuits
Jeffery A. Winer

3. Thalamocortical Relations
Matthew I. Banks, Philip H. Smith

4. Auditory Cortical Organization: Evidence for Functional Streams
Josef P. Rauschecker, Lizabeth M. Romanski

5. The Commissural Auditory System
Troy A. Hackett, Dennis P. Phillips

6. Intrinsic Connections of the Auditory Cortex
Mark N. Wallace, Jufang He

7. A Synthesis of Auditory Cortical Connections: Thalamocortical, Commissural and Corticocortical Systems
Charles C. Lee, Jeffery A. Winer

8. Auditory Cortical Projections to the Medial Geniculate Body
Hisayuki Ojima, Eric M. Rouiller

9. Descending Connections of Auditory Cortex to the Midbrain and Brain Stem
Manuel S. Malmierca, David K. Ryugo

10. Neurochemical Organization of the Medial Geniculate Body and Auditory Cortex
Jeffery A. Winer

11. Synaptic Integration in Auditory Cortex
Michael Wehr, Raju Metherate

12. Physiological Properties of Neurons in the Medial Geniculate Body
Jean-Marc Edeline

13. Spectral Processing in Auditory Cortex
Christoph E. Schreiner, Robert C. Froemke, Craig A. Atencio

14. Temporal Coding in Auditory Cortex
Jos J. Eggermont, Xiaoqin Wang

15. Cortical Representation of Auditory Space
Andrew J. King, John C. Middlebrooks

16. Communication Sounds and their Cortical Representation
Jagmeet S. Kanwal, Günter Ehret

17. A Semantic Concept of Auditory Cortex Function and Learning
Henning Scheich, Frank W. Ohl

18. Functional Specialization in Primary and Non-primary Auditory Cortex
Stephen G. Lomber, Amee J. McMillan

19. The Evolution of Auditory Cortex: The Core Areas
Jon H. Kaas

20. The Avian Auditory Pallium
Taffeta M. Elliott, Frédéric E. Theunissen

21. Development of the Auditory Cortex
Andrej Kral, Sarah L. Pallas

22. Reconceptualizing the Primary Auditory Cortex: Learning, Memory and Specific Plasticity
Norman M. Weinberger

23. Cortical Effects of Aging and Hearing Loss
Julie R. Mendelson, Ramesh Rajan

24. Corticofugal Modulation and Plasticity for Auditory Signal Processing
Nobuo Suga

25. Auditory Evoked Potentials and Their Utility in the Assessment of Complex Sound Processing
Mitchell Steinschneider, Catherine Liégeois-Chauvel, John F. Brugge

26. Auditory Memories and Feedback Processing for Vocal Learning
Ana Amador, Daniel Margoliash

27. Population Dynamics in Auditory Cortex: Optical Imaging
Hubert R. Dinse, Junsei Horikawa

28. From Tones to Speech: Magnetoencephalographic Studies
Bernd Lütkenhöner, David Poeppel

29. The Relationship of Auditory Cortical Activity to Perception and Behavior
Mitchell L. Sutter, Shihab A. Shamma

30. Processing Strategies in Auditory Cortex: Comparison with Other Sensory Modalities
Israel Nelken, Mike B. Calford

31. Cortical Speech and Music Processes Revealed by Functional Neuroimaging
Robert J. Zatorre, Marc Schönwiesner

32. Toward a Synthesis of Cellular Auditory Forebrain Functional Organization
Jeffery A. Winer, Christoph E. Schreiner

Keywords: Life Sciences, Neurobiology, Neurosciences, Otorhinolaryngology, Neurology

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