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Social Computing and Behavioral Modeling

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Table of contents

2. Reality Mining of Mobile Communications: Toward A New Deal On Data
Alex Pentl

3. Lifting Elephants: Twitter and Blogging in Global Perspective
Rebecca Goolsby

4. Rule Evaluation Model as Behavioral Modeling of Domain Experts
Hidenao Abe, Shusaku Tsumoto

5. Trust and Privacy in Distributed Work Groups
Denise Anthony, Tristan Henderson, James Kitts

6. Cultural Consensus Theory: Aggregating Expert Judgments about Ties in a Social Network
William H. Batchelder

7. Dynamic Networks: Rapid Assessment of Changing Scenarios
Nadya Belov, Michael K. Martin, Jeff Patti, Jeff Reminga, Angela Pawlowski, Kathleen M. Carley

8. Modeling Populations of Interest in Order to Simulate Cultural Response to Influence Activities
Michael Bernard, George Backus, Matthew Glickman, Charles Gieseler, Russel Waymire

9. The Use of Agent-based Modeling in Projecting Risk Factors into the Future
Georgiy V. Bobashev, Robert J. Morris, William A. Zule, Andrei V. Borshchev, Lee Hoffer

10. Development of an Integrated Sociological Modeling Framework (ISMF) to Model Social Systems
LeeRoy Bronner, Babatunde Olubando

11. The Coherence Model of Preference and Belief Formation
Sun-Ki Chai

12. Cognitive Modeling of Household Economic Behaviors during Extreme Events
Mark A. Ehlen, Michael L. Bernard, Andrew J. Schol

13. Collaborating with Multiple Distributed Perspectives and Memories
Anthony J. Ford, Alice M. Mulvehill

14. When is social computation better than the sum of its parts?
Vadas Gintautas, Aric Hagberg, Luís M. A. Bettencourt

15. The Dilemma of Social Order in Iraq
Michael Hechter, Nika Kabiri

16. A Socio-Technical Approach to Understanding Perceptions of Trustworthiness in Virtual Organizations
Shuyuan Mary Ho

17. Prior-free cost sharing design: group strategyproofness and the worst absolute loss
Ruben Juarez

18. Monitoring Web Resources Discovery by Reusing Classification Knowledge
Byeong Ho Kang, Yang Sok Kim

19. Finding Influential Nodes in a Social Network from Information Diffusion Data
Masahiro Kimura, Kazumi Saito, Ryohei Nakano, Hiroshi Motoda

20. Meta-modeling the Cultural Behavior Using Timed Influence Nets
Faisal Mansoor, Abbas K. Zaidi, Lee Wagenhals, Alexander H. Levis

21. A Validation Process for Predicting Stratagemical Behavior Patterns of Powerful Leaders in Conflict
Colleen L. Phillips, Stacey K. Sokoloff, John R. Crosscope, Norman D. Geddes

22. Control of Opinions in an Ideologically Homogeneous Population
Bruce Rogers, David Murillo

23. Estimating Cyclic and Geospatial Effects of Alcohol Usage in a Social Network Directed Graph Model
Yasmin H. Said, Edward J. Wegman

24. HBML: A Language for Quantitative Behavioral Modeling in the Human Terrain
Nils F Sandell, Robert Savell, David Twardowski, George Cybenko

25. VIM: A Platform for Violent Intent Modeling
Antonio Sanfilippo, Jack Schryver, Paul Whitney, Elsa Augustenborg, Gary Danielson, Sandy Thompson

26. Punishment, Rational Expectations, and Relative Payoffs in a Networked Prisoners Dilemma
Shade T. Shutters

27. A Network-Based Approach to Understanding and Predicting Diseases
Karsten Steinhaeuser, Nitesh V. Chawla

28. Status and Ethnicity in Vietnam: Evidence from Experimental Games
Tomomi Tanaka, Colin F. Camerer

29. Behavior Grouping based on Trajectory Mining
Shusaku Tsumoto, Shoji Hirano

30. Learning to Recommend Tags for On-line Photos
Zheshen Wang, Baoxin Li

31. A Social Network Model of Alcohol Behaviors
Edward J. Wegman, Yasmin H. Said

32. Using Participatory Learning to Model Human Behavior
Ronald R. Yager

Keywords: Computer Science, Operations Research, Mathematical Programming, Statistics for Social Science, Behavorial Science, Education, Public Policy, and Law, Game Theory, Economics, Social and Behav. Sciences, Computer Appl. in Social and Behavioral Sciences, Information Storage and Retrieval, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

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