Li, Deren

Geospatial Technology for Earth Observation

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Table of contents

1. An Overview of Earth Observation and Geospatial Information Service
Deren Li

2. A UAV Remote Sensing System: Design and Tests
Lei Yan, Zhiyang Gou, Yini Duan

3. Design and Applications of an Integrated Multi-Sensor Mobile System for Road Surface Condition Detection
Qingquan Li, Yong Liu, Qingzhou Mao

4. High Resolution Satellite Image Orientation Models
Mattia Crespi, Francesca Fratarcangeli, Francesca Giannone, Francesca Pieralice

5. Geometric Processing Models For Remotely Sensed Imagery And Their Accuracy Assessment
Xiuxiao Yuan

6. Mapping High-Resolution Land Surface Radiative Fluxes from MODIS: Algorithms and Preliminary Validation Results
Shunlin Liang, Kaicun Wang, Wenhui Wang, Dongdong Wang, Sheng Gui, Xiaotong Zhang, Jeremy Mirmelstein, Xiufang Zhu, Hye-yun Kim, Juan Du, Steven Running, John Townshend, Si-Chee Tsay, Robert Wolf, Crystal Schaaf, Alan Strahler

7. Spectral Information Content of Remote Sensing Imagery
Rudiger Gens

8. Algorithms and Applications for Land Cover Classification – A Review
Björn Waske, Mingmin Chi, Jón Atli Benediktsson, Sebastian Linden, Benjamin Koetz

9. Analysis of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images
Liangpei Zhang, Yanfei Zhong

10. Effects of Aggregation Methods on Image Classification
Peng Han, Zhilin Li, Jianya Gong

11. Towards Automation of Information Extraction from Aerial and Satellite Images
John Trinder

12. Efficient Geospatial Analysis of Remotely Sensed Images by Means of Linear Feature Extraction and Combination
Gianni Lisini, Fabio Dell’ Acqua, Paolo Gamba

13. Geospatial Service Web
Jianya Gong, Huayi Wu, Wenxiu Gao, Peng Yue, Xinyan Zhu

14. Optimal Composition Algorithm Concerned with Response Time for Remotely Sensed Image Processing Services
Qing Zhu, Xiaoxia Yang, Haifeng Li

15. Cadastral Mapping with Earth Observation Technology
Gottfried Konecny

16. Spatio-Temporal Pattern Analysis of Land Cover Change: A Case Study in Aridzone
Qiming Zhou

17. Remote Sensing of Water Environment
Xiaoling Chen, Zhifeng Yu

18. Flood Mapping and Damage Assessment – A Case Study in the State of Indiana
Jie Shan, Ejaz Hussain, KyoHyouk Kim, Larry Biehl

19. Decision Making Based on Earth Observation Technology
Jixian Zhang, Yu Zeng, Wenhan Xie, Tao Wang

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Computer Applications in Earth Sciences, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Database Management, Applied Earth Sciences, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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