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Phenology of Ecosystem Processes

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Table of contents

2. Climatic and Phenological Controls of the Carbon and Energy Balances of Three Contrasting Boreal Forest Ecosystems in Western Canada
Alan Barr, T. Andrew Black, Harry McCaughey

3. Characterizing the Seasonal Dynamics of Plant Community Photosynthesis Across a Range of Vegetation Types
Lianhong Gu, Wilfred M. Post, Dennis D. Baldocchi, T. Andrew Black, Andrew E. Suyker, Shashi B. Verma, Timo Vesala, Steve C. Wofsy

4. The Phenology of Gross Ecosystem Productivity and Ecosystem Respiration in Temperate Hardwood and Conifer Chronosequences
Asko Noormets, Jiquan Chen, Lianhong Gu, Ankur Desai

5. Phenological Differences Between Understory and Overstory
Andrew D. Richardson, John O’Keefe

6. Phenology of Forest-Atmosphere Carbon Exchange for Deciduous and Coniferous Forests in Southern and Northern New England
Julian L. Hadley, John O’Keefe, J. William Munger, David Y. Hollinger, Andrew D. Richardson

7. Influence of Phenology and Land Management on Biosphere-Atmosphere Isotopic CO2 Exchange
Kaycie A. Billmark, Timothy J. Griffis

8. Phenology of Plant Production in the Northwestern Great Plains: Relationships with Carbon Isotope Discrimination, Net Ecosystem Productivity and Ecosystem Respiration
Lawrence B. Flanagan

9. Is Temporal Variation of Soil Respiration Linked to the Phenology of Photosynthesis?
Eric A. Davidson, N. Michele Holbrook

10. The Annual Cycle of Development of Trees and Process-Based Modelling of Growth to Scale Up From the Tree To the Stand
Koen Kramer, Heikki Hänninen

11. Remote Sensing Phenology
Bradley C. Reed, Mark D. Schwartz, Xiangming Xiao

12. Land Surface Phenology
Xiangming Xiao, Junhui Zhang, Huimin Yan, Weixing Wu, Chandrashekhar Biradar

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Ecosystems, Meteorology/Climatology, Plant Ecology, Biogeosciences, Geoecology/Natural Processes

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Natural Sciences

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