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Table of contents

Part 1. ColdFusion Fundamentals

1. Working with Application.cfc
Raymond Camden

2. Application.cfc Reference
Michael Dinowitz

3. From User-Defined Functions to ColdFusion Components
Michael Dinowitz

4. onMissingTemplate()—Error Handler and So Much More
Michael Dinowitz

5. “Say What?” Handling Unknown Messages with onMissingMethod()
Sean Corfield

Part 2. Document Creation in ColdFusion

6. PDF Support in ColdFusion
Raymond Camden

7. Image Processing in ColdFusion
Pete Freitag

Part 3. Essentials to Server Productivity

8. Tuning Your Java Virtual Machine: Finding Your Ideal JVM Settings Through Metrics Log Analysis
Mike Brunt

9. The Shoemaker and the Asynchronous Process Elves
Doug Boude

10. Asynchronous Gateways Step-by-Step
Michael Dinowitz

11. You Might Have a Performance Bottleneck If...
Adrian J. Moreno

Part 4. Communication and Integrating with Other Technologies

12. An Introduction to Consuming and Deploying Web Services in ColdFusion
Ben Nadel

13. Web Services and Complex Types
Nathan Mische

14. Type Validation When Returning an Array of Components
Michael Dinowitz

15. Sending E-mail the Right Way
Mark A. Kruger

16. ColdFusion and Microsoft Exchange
Terry Ryan

17. BlazeDS
John Mason

Part 5. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

18. Object-Oriented Programming: Why Bother?
Brian Kotek

19. The Object-Oriented Lexicon
Hal Helms

20. Design Patterns: Exposing the Service Layer
Peter Bell

21. Beans and DAOs and Gateways, Oh My!
Sean Corfield

22. SOA for the Rest of Us
Dave Konopka

23. How Base Classes Can Help You Generate Your Applications
Peter Bell

Part 6. ColdFusion Frameworks

24. An Introduction to Frameworks
Jared Rypka-Hauer

25. Fusebox 5 Fundamentals
Sean Corfield

26. Mach-II Fundamentals
Matt Woodward

27. Model-Glue Fundamentals
Joe Rinehart

28. ColdSpring Fundamentals
Chris Scott

29. Reactor Fundamentals
Doug Hughes

30. Developing Applications with Transfer
Mark Mandel

31. FW/1: The Invisible Framework
Sean Corfield

Part 7. Designing the User Interface

32. Separating Layout from Logic
Peter Bell

33. Creating Dynamic Presentations in ColdFusion
Wally Kolcz

34. Working with JSON and cfajaxproxy
Raymond Camden

35. Prototyping for Interface Driven Architecture: Easing the Transition from Prototype to Application
Doug Boude

Part 8. Development Tools

36. Turbo Charging Eclipse
Mike Henke

37. An Introduction to ColdFusion Builder
Jacob Munson

38. The ColdFusion Debugger Explained: Interactive Step Debugging for ColdFusion 8 and 9
Charlie Arehart

39. Getting Started with Subversion
Jim Pickering

40. Subversion in the Workflow
Boyan Kostadinov

41. Advanced Subversion
Kevin Jones

42. Automating Your Development with Ant
Jim Priest

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