Beresniewicz, John

Expert PL/SQL Practices

Beresniewicz, John - Expert PL/SQL Practices, ebook


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ISBN: 9781430234869
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Table of contents

1. Do Not Use
Riyaj Shamsudeen

2. Dynamic SQL: Handling the Unknown
Michael Rosenblum

3. PL/SQL and Parallel Processing
Dominic Delmolino

4. Warnings and Conditional Compilation
Torben Holm

5. PL/SQL Unit Testing
Sue Harper

6. Bulk SQL Operations
Connor McDonald

7. Know Your Code
Lewis Cunningham

8. Contract-Oriented Programming
John Beresniewicz

9. PL/SQL from SQL
Adrian Billington

10. Choosing the Right Cursor
Melanie Caffrey

11. PL/SQL Programming in the Large
Martin Büchi

12. Evolutionary Data Modeling
Robyn Sands

13. Profiling for Performance
Ron Crisco

14. Coding Conventions and Error Handling
Stephan Petit

15. Dependencies and Invalidations
Arup Nanda

Keywords: Computer Science, Database Management, Programming Languages, Compilers, Interpreters

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