Melançon, Benjamin

The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7

Melançon, Benjamin - The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7, ebook


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ISBN: 9781430231363
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Table of contents

PART I. Getting Started

1. Building a Drupal 7 Site
Benjamin Melançon, Dan Hakimzadeh, Dani Nordin

2. Essential Tools: Drush and Git
Dani Nordin, Benjamin Melançon

PART II. Site Building Foundations

3. Building Dynamic Pages Using Views
Michelle Lauer, Greg Stout

4. There’s a Module for That
Dani Nordin, Dan Hakimzadeh, Benjamin Melançon

5. Creating Community Web Sites with Organic Groups
Ed Carlevale

6. Security in Drupal
Stéphane Corlosquet

7. Updating Drupal
Benjamin Melançon

8. Extending Your Site
Dan Hakimzadeh, Benjamin Melançon

PART III. Making Your Life Easier

9. Drupal Community: Getting Help and Getting Involved
Ben Melançon, Susan Stewart

10. Planning and Managing a Drupal Project
Amye Scavarda

11. Documenting for End Users and the Production Team
Dani Nordin

12. Development Environment
Kay Valkenburgh

13. Putting a Site Online and Deploying New Features
Benjamin Melançon, Stefan Freudenberg

14. Developing from a Human Mindset
Károly Négyesi

PART IV. Front-End Development

15. Theming
Jacine Luisi

16. Advanced Theming
Jacine Luisi

17. jQuery
Jake Strawn, Dmitri Gaskin

PART V. Back-End Development

18. Introduction to Module Development
Benjamin Melançon

19. Using Drupal’s APIs in a Module
Benjamin Melançon

20. Refining Your Module
Benjamin Melançon

21. Porting Modules to Drupal 7
Robin Monks, Benjamin Melançon

22. Writing Project-Specific Code
Florian Lorétan

23. Introduction to Functional Testing with Simpletest
Albert Albala

24. Writing a Major Module
Benjamin Melançon

PART VI. Advanced Site-Building Topics

25. Drupal Commerce
Ryan Szrama

26. Drush
Greg Anderson

27. Scaling Drupal
Károly Négyesi

28. Spice Your Content Up With Tasty Semantics
Stéphane Corlosquet

29. The Menu System and the Path Into Drupal
Robert Douglass

30. Under the Hood: Inside Drupal When It Displays a Page
Stefan Freudenberg

31. Search and Apache Solr Integration
Peter Wolanin

32. User Experience
Bojhan Somers, Roy Scholten

33. Completing a Site: The Other 90%
Benjamin Melançon

34. Drupal Distributions and Installation Profiles
Florian Lorétan

PART VII. Drupal Community

35. Drupal’s Story: A Chain of Many Unexpected Events
Kasey Qynn Dolin

36. Now You’re in Business: Making a Living with Drupal
Allie Micka

37. Maintaining a Project
Sam Boyer, Forest Mars

38. Contributing to the Community
Benjamin Melançon, Claudina Sarahe

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Science, general

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