Caffrey, Melanie

Expert Oracle Practices

Caffrey, Melanie - Expert Oracle Practices, ebook


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ISBN: 9781430226697
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Table of contents

1. Battle Against Any Guess
Alex Gorbachev

2. A Partly Cloudy Future
Jeremiah Wilton

3. Developing a Performance Methodology
Connie Green, Graham Wood, Uri Shaft

4. The DBA as Designer
Melanie Caffrey

5. Running Oracle on Windows
Niall Litchfield

6. Managing SQL Performance
Melanie Caffrey, Pete Finnigan, Randolf Geist, Alex Gorbachev, Tim Gorman, Connie Green, Charles Hooper, Jonathan Lewis, Niall Litchfield, Karen Morton, Robyn Sands, Jože Senegačnik, Uri Shaft, Riyaj Shamsudeen, Jeremiah Wilton, Graham Wood

7. PL/SQL and the CBO
Jože Senegačnik

8. Understanding Performance Optimization Methods
Charles Hooper, Randolf Geist

9. Choosing a Performance Optimization Method
Randolf Geist, Charles Hooper

10. Managing the Very Large Database
Tim Gorman

11. Statistics
Jonathan Lewis

12. Troubleshooting Latch Contention
Riyaj Shamsudeen

13. Measuring for Robust Performance
Robyn Sands

14. User Security
Pete Finnigan

15. Securing Data
Pete Finnigan

Keywords: Computer Science, Programming Techniques

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