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The Best of Verity Stob

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Table of contents

Part I. Life Before Guis (1988–1994)

1. How Friendly Is Your Software?

2. The Programmers’ Guide to Programmers

3. Larn Yasel Programmin!

4. POET’S Day

5. The Maltese Modem

6. Late One Night

7. The Kraken Sleeps

8. Twenty Things (Almost) You Didn’t Know ...

9. Few Lend (but Fools)

10. The Best Improve with Age

11. STOB versus the Software Engineers

12. Auntie Verity’s Hardware Help

13. Underground Liff

14. The Games We Play

15. A Chance to Meet You

16. Wot Any Bule Kno

17. About ...

18. Not Fairies’ Footfalls


20. In Glorious Verity Vision

Part II. The Rasp of the Modem (1995–19100)

21. I Want to Die

22. Dear Bill

23. Modem Tales

24. Around and Around

25. Four Yorkshiremen

26. Email and Femail

27. Morse Code

28. I Prefer Tea

29. Junior Makes Three

30. Don’t Look Back

31. Book of Anders

32. The Black Eye of the Little Blue Techie

33. Mr. Jobs Works Next Door

34. Quality Street

35. You May Start

36. 8086 and All That

37. The Browser

38. Park Gates

39. Et Tu Gnome?

40. Let’s Parler Y2K!

41. Yocam Hokum

42. Bye Bye Byte

43. Night Mail

44. Cringing for Bobot or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About the Quality of My Work and Just Made Dreary TV Programmes Instead

45. One Nostril Hair, 17mm, Grey

46. The Dog’s Breakfast

47. Book of Yoc-am (Contd.)

48. Fair Play

49. By Other Means

50. Waltz$

51. Thirteen Ways to Loathe VB

52. Claire’s Story and Other Tragedies

53. Down the Pole

54. Out to Lunch

Part III. After the Apocalypse (2000–2004)

55. Two by Two

56. Big Iron Age Man

57. Just William

58. Downwards and Backwards with Dotdotdot

59. Up with the Joneses

60. Wherever He Goes

61. The Devil’s Netiquette

62. At the Tomb of the IUnknown Interface

63. Double Plus Good?

64. I Know This, It’s Unix

65. Your Call Is Important to Us

66. Way After 1984

67. Patter Song

68. Roger D. Hubris Ate My Hamster

69. State of Decay

70. In Memoriam—Edsger Dijkstra, 1930–2002

71. Open Saucery

72. Idle Thoughts of an Idle Process

73. Fragments from a New Finnish Epic

74. Stoblog

75. We Don’t Guarantee That Using The Latest .NET XML Windows API Feature Can Metaphorically Speaking Put Bounce In Your Boobs And/Or Hairs On Your Chest (Delete As Applicable) But By Golly We Find It Extremely Hard To Imagine Circumstances Under Which This Will Not Follow As Naturally As Night Follows Day

76. Soundtrack

77. Damnation Without Relief

78. Cold Comfort Server Farm

79. ForgeAhead

80. One After 409

81. Jam Today

82. Borland Revelations

83. Patenting by Numbers

84. Confessions of a Spammer

Part IV. Previously Unpublished

85. Solder Cellar—Kindly Accept Substitutes

86. Lara’s Last Stand?

87. Too Obscure or Rude

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