Hakanen, Ernest A.

Leading to the 2003 Iraq War

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Ernest A. Hakanen, Alexander G. Nikolaev

Part I. The English-Speaking Western Alliance—America, Great Britain, and Australia

2. A Debate Delayed Is a Debate Denied: U.S. News Media before the 2003 War with Iraq
William A. Dorman

3. Strange Bedfellows: The Emergence of the Al Qaeda-Baathist News Frame Prior to the 2003 Invasion of Iraq
W. Lucas Robinson, Steven Livingston

4. The Whole World Is Watching, But So What? A Frame Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of Antiwar Protest
Ronald Bishop

5. Their Morals Are Ours: The American Media on the Doctrine of “Preemptive War”
Marilyn G. Piety, Brian J. Foley

6. Postmodern War on Iraq
Philip Hammond

7. Orientalism Revisited: The British Media and the Iraq War
Judith Brown

8. The War in Iraq: A View from Australia
Daniela V. Dimitrova

Part II. The Global Debate

9. Le Monde on a “Likely” Iraq War
Anne-Marie Obajtek-Kirkwood

10. The Germans Protest: Still a Country of Pacifists?
Simone Schlichting-Artur

11. Sheer and Opaque Screens: The Medical Ethnography of Arabic Television, a Phenomenological Quandary of Communal Memory, Suffering, and Resistance
Iman Roushdy-Hammady

12. American Crisis-Israeli Narrative: The Role of Media Discourse in the Promotion of a War Agenda
Lea Mandelzis, Chanan Naveh

13. Why The Russians Did Not Support the 2003 Iraq War: A Frame Analysis of the Russian Television Coverage of the Coming of the War in Iraq
Alexander G. Nikolaev

14. Clashing World Views: Coverage of the Prewar Iraqi Crisis in the Chinese Press
Louis Mangione

15. The Coverage of Debates on the Iraq War: The Case of Zimbabwe
Stenford Matenda

16. Turn on, Tune in: Language of War in Iraq (Chile, Mexico, and Spain)
Mariadelaluz Matus-Mendoza

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Political Communication, Media Studies, Comparative Politics, Political Science, Military and Defence Studies, International Relations

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