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Table of contents

1. Introduction shifting worlds, una entrada
AnaLouise Keating

Part 1. autohistoria y autohistoria-teoría. … (re)writing self, (re)writing culture

Gloria y yo: Writing silence and the search for the fronteriza voice
Zulma Y. Méndez

3. The 1,001-Piece Nights of Gloria Anzaldúa: Autohistoria-teoría at Florida Atlantic University
Caren S. Neile

4. Reclaiming Pleasure: Reading the Body in “People Should Not Die in June in South Texas”
Mary Loving Blanchard

5. Daughter of Coatlicue: An Interview with Gloria Anzaldúa
Irene Lara

6. Living in the House of Nepantla
Irene Reti

Part 2. nepantla. … pathways to change

7. La Gloriosa Travesura de la Musa Que Cruza/The Misbehaving Glory(a) of the Border-Crossing Muse: Transgression in Anzaldúa’s Children’s Stories
Edith M. Vásquez

8. Apertures of In-Betweeness, of Selves in the Middle
Mariana Ortega

9. From within Germinative Stasis: Creating Active Subjectivity, Resistant Agency
María Lugones

10. Negotiating Paradoxical Spaces: Women, Disabilities, and the Experience of Nepantla
Carrie McMaster

Part 3. nos/otras. … intersecting selves/intersecting others

11. What Do You Learn from What You See? Gloria Anzaldúa and Double-Vision in the Teaching of Writing
Eve Wiederhold

12. Reading National Identities: The Radical Disruptions of Borderlands/La Frontera

Beth Berila

13. Teaching la Conciencia de la Mestiza in the Midst of White Privilege
Simona J. Hill

14. “Know Me Unbroken”: Peeling Back the Silenced Rind of the Queer Mouth
Mark W. Bundy

15. New Pathways toward Understanding Self-in-Relation: Anzaldúan (Re)Visions for Developmental Psychology
Kelli Zaytoun

Part 4. conocimientos. … expanding the vision

16. “So Much Meat”: Gloria Anzaldúa, the Mind/Body Split, and Exerting Control over My Fat Body
Elena Levy-Navarro

17. Champion of the Spirit: Anzaldúa’s Critique of Rationalist Epistemology
Amala Levine

18. Shifting the Shapes of Things to Come: The Presence of the Future in the Philosophy of Gloria Anzaldúa
Jane Caputi

19. “Doing Mestizaje”: When Epistemology Becomes Ethics
Monica Torres

Part 5. el mundo zurdo, the new tribalism. … forging new alliances

20. This Is Personal: Revisiting Gloria Anzaldúa from within the Borderlands
Lee Maracle

21. Spirit, Culture, Sex: Elements of the Creative Process in Anzaldúa’s Poetry
Linda Garber

22. Radical Rhetoric: Anger, Activism, and Change
Amanda Espinosa-Aguilar

23. Tierra Tremenda: The Earth’s Agony and Ecstasy in the Work of Gloria Anzaldúa
Inés Hernández-Ávila

24. Shifting Perspectives: Spiritual Activism, Social Transformation, and the Politics of Spirit
AnaLouise Keating

Keywords: Literature, Poetry and Poetics, Postcolonial/World Literature, Latin American Culture, Ethnicity Studies, Fiction, Feminism

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Litterary Studies
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