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Grine, Frederick E.

The First Humans – Origin and Early Evolution of the Genus Homo

Grine, Frederick E. - The First Humans – Origin and Early Evolution of the Genus <Emphasis Type="Italic">Homo</Emphasis>, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Retrospectives and Theoretical Perspectives

1. Early Humans: Of Whom Do We Speak?
Richard E. Leakey

Homo habilis—A Premature Discovery: Remembered by One of Its Founding Fathers, 42 Years Later
Phillip V. Tobias

3. Where Does the Genus Homo Begin, and How Would We Know?
Bernard A. Wood

II. Craniodental Perspectives on Taxonomy and Systematics

4. The Origin of Homo

William H. Kimbel

5. Comparisons of Early Pleistocene Skulls from East Africa and the Georgian Caucasus: Evidence Bearing on the Origin and Systematics of Genus Homo

G. Philip Rightmire, David Lordkipanidze

6. Phenetic Affinities of Plio-Pleistocene Homo Fossils from South Africa: Molar Cusp Proportions
Frederick E. Grine, Heather F. Smith, Christopher P. Heesy, Emma J. Smith

III. Postcranial Perspectives on Locomotion and Adaptation

7. Evolution of the Hominin Shoulder: Early Homo

Susan G. Larson

8. Brains, Brawn, and the Evolution of Human Endurance Running Capabilities
Daniel E. Lieberman, Dennis M. Bramble, David A. Raichlen, John J. Shea

9. Interlimb Proportions in Humans and Fossil Hominins: Variability and Scaling
William L. Jungers

IV. Perspectives on Development, Diet and Behavior

10. Growth and Development of the Nariokotome Youth, KNM-WT 15000
M. Christopher Dean, B. Holly Smith

11. Dental Evidence for Diets of Early Homo

Peter S. Ungar, Robert S. Scott

12. Origins and Adaptations of Early Homo: What Archeology Tells Us
Hélène Roche, Robert J. Blumenschine, John J. Shea

V. Environmental and Ecological Perspectives

13. Plio-Pleistocene East African Pulsed Climate Variability and Its Influence on Early Human Evolution
Mark A. Maslin, Martin H. Trauth

14. Tracking Ecological Change in Relation to the Emergence of Homo Near the Plio-Pleistocene Boundary
Kaye E. Reed, Samantha M. Russak

15. Ecology of Plio-Pleistocene Mammals in the Omo—Turkana Basin and the Emergence of Homo

René Bobe, Meave G. Leakey

16. Biogeochemical Evidence for the Environments of Early Homo in South Africa
Matt Sponheimer, Julia A. Lee-Thorp

VI. Summary Perspective on the Workshop

17. The First Humans: A Summary Perspective on the Origin and Early Evolution of the Genus Homo

Frederick E. Grine, John G. Fleagle

Keywords: Social Sciences, general, Anthropology

Publication year
Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology
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229 pages

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