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IUTAM Symposium on Unsteady Separated Flows and their Control

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Table of contents

I. Experimental Techniques for the Unsteady Flow Separation

1. PIV Measurements of the Flow Around Oscillating Cylinders at Low KC Numbers
D. Sumner, H. B. Hemingson, D. M. Deutscher, J. E. Barth

2. Coherent and Turbulent Process Analysis in the Flow Past a Circular Cylinder at High Reynolds Number
R. Perrin, M. Braza, E. Cid, S. Cazin, P. Chassaing, C. Mockett, T. Reimann, F. Thiele

3. Investigation of Aerodynamic Capabilities of Flying Fish in Gliding Flight
H. Park, H. Choi

4. Effect of Unsteady Separation on an Automotive Bluff-Body in Cross-Wind
M. Gohlke, J. F. Beaudoin, M. Amielh, F. Anselmet

II. Statistical and Hybrid Turbulence Modeling of Unsteady Separated Flows

5. Flow Prediction Around an Oscillating NACA0012 Airfoil at Re = 1,000,000
O. Frederich, U. Bunge, C. Mockett, F. Thiele

6. Two-Velocities Hybrid RANS-LES of a Trailing Edge Flow
J. C. Uribe, N. Jarrin, R. Prosser, D. Laurence

7. Assessment of Flow Control Devices for Transonic Cavity Flows Using DES and LES
G. N. Barakos, S. J. Lawson, R. Steijl, P. Nayyar

III. Theoretical Aspects & Analytical Approaches of Flow Separation

8. Near Critical Phenomena in Laminar Boundary Layers
A. Kluwick, S. Braun, E. A. Cox

9. State Curves and Flipping for an Orbiting Cylinder at Low Reynolds Numbers
L. Baranyi

10. Global Low-Frequency Oscillations in a Separating Boundary-Layer Flow
U. Ehrenstein, F. Gallaire

11. Asymptotic Theory of Turbulent Bluff-Body Separation: A Novel Shear Layer Scaling Deduced from an Investigation of the Unsteady Motion
B. Scheichl, A. Kluwick

12. Structural Sensitivity of the Finite-Amplitude Vortex Shedding Behind a Circular Cylinder
P. Luchini, F. Giannetti, J. Pralits

13. Orbiting Cylinder at Low Reynolds Numbers
L. Baranyi

14. A Two-Dimensional Disturbed Flows Over a Flat Plate: Theoretical and Numerical Approach
K. Debbagh, S. Saintlos Brillac

IV. Instability and Transition

15. Wake Dynamics of External Flow Past a Curved Circular Cylinder with the Free-Stream Aligned to the Plane of Curvature
A. Vecchi, S.J. Sherwin, J.M.R. Graham

16. Successive Steps of 2D and 3D Transition in the Flow Past a Rotating Cylinder at Moderate Reynolds Numbers
R. El Akoury, G. Martinat, M. Braza, R. Perrin, Y. Hoarau, G. Harran, D. Ruiz

17. Direct Numerical Simulation of Vortex Shedding Behind a Linearly Tapered Circular Cylinder
V. D. Narasimhamurthy, H. I. Andersson, B. Pettersen

18. Dynamics of Oblate Freely Rising Bodies
P.C. Fernandes, P. Ern, F. Risso, J. Magnaudet

19. Parametric Study of Two Degree-of-Freedom Vortex-Induced Vibrations of a Cylinder in a Two-Dimensional Flow
D. Lucor, M.S. Triantafyllou

20. Vortex Dynamics Associated with the Impact of a Cylinder with a Wall
L. Schouveiler, M. C. Thompson, T. Leweke, K. Hourigan

21. Modification of the Flow Structures in a Swirling Jet
K. Atvars, M. Thompson, K. Hourigan

22. Thickness Effect of NACA Symmetric Hydrofoils on Hydrodynamic Behaviour and Boundary Layer States
H. Djeridi, C. Sarraf, J. Y. Billard

23. Quasi-Steady Self-Excited Angular Oscillation of Equilateral Triangular Cylinder in 2-D Separated Flow
S. Srigrarom

V. Compressibility Effects Related to Unsteady Separation

24. Compressibility Effects on Turbulent Separated Flow in a Streamwise-Periodic Hill Channel—Part 1
J. Ziefle, L. Kleiser

25. Global Structure of Buffeting Flow on Transonic Airfoils
J. D. Crouch, A. Garbaruk, D. Magidov, L. Jacquin

26. Low-Order Modeling for Unsteady Separated Compressible Flows by POD-Galerkin Approach
R. Bourguet, M. Braza, G. Harran, A. Dervieux

27. Unsteady Flow Organization of a Shock Wave/Turbulent Boundary Layer Interaction
R.A. Humble, F. Scarano, B.W. van Oudheusden

28. Dependence Between Shock and Separation Bubble in a Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction
J.F. Debiève, P. Dupont

29. Large Eddy Simulation of a Supersonic Turbulent Boundary Layer at M = 2.25
A. Hadjadj, S. Dubos

30. Film Cooling Mass Flow Rate Influence on a Separation Shock in an Axisymmetric Nozzle
P. Reijasse, L. Boccaletto

31. Detached Eddy Simulation of a Nose Landing-Gear Cavity
R. Langtry, P. Spalart

32. Experimental and Numerical Study of Unsteady Wakes Behind an Oscillating Car Model
E. Guilmineau, F. Chometon

33. Physical Analysis of an Anisotropic Eddy-Viscosity Concept for Strongly Detached Turbulent Unsteady Flows
R. Bourguet, M. Braza, R. Perrin, G. Harran

34. Dynamic Stall of a Pitching and Horizontally Oscillating Airfoil
G. Martinat, M. Braza#, G. Harran, A. Sevrain, G. Tzabiras, Y. Hoarau, D. Favier

35. Unsteady Flow Around a NACA0021 Airfoil Beyond Stall at 60° Angle of Attack
R. El Akoury, M. Braza, Y. Hoarau, J. Vos, G. Harran, A. Sevrain

36. Analysis of Detached-Eddy Simulation for the Flow Around a Circular Cylinder with Reference to PIV Data
C. Mockett, R. Perrin, T. Reimann, M. Braza, F. Thiele

37. Simulation of Bluff-Body Flows Through a Hybrid RANS/VMS-LES Model
Maria Vittoria Salvetti, Bruno Koobus, Simone Camarri, Alain Dervieux

VI. DNS and LES of Unsteady Separated Flows

38. Large Eddy Simulation of Impinging Shock Wave/Turbulent Boundary Layer Interaction at M = 2.3
E. Martel, E. Garnier, P. Sagaut

39. Simulation and Modelling of a Laminar Separation Bubble on Airfoils
F. Richez, I. Mary, V. Gleize, C. Basdevant

40. Unsteady RANS Calculation of Flow Over Ahmed Car Model
J. Yao, O. Mouzoun, Y. Yao, P. Mason

41. Effect of Velocity Ratio on the Streamwise Vortex Structures in the Wake of a Stack
M. S. Adaramola, D. Sumner, D. J. Bergstrom

42. Flow Separation of a Rotating Cylinder
S. C. Luo, T. T. L. Duong, Y. T. Chew

VII. Theoretical/Industrial Aspects of Unsteady Separated Flow Control

43. The Wake Dynamics of a Cylinder Moving Along a Plane Wall with Rotation and Translation
B. Stewart, K. Hourigan, M. Thompson, T. Leweke

44. Simulation Study of the Robust Closed-Loop Control of a 2D High-Lift Configuration
B. Günther, A. Carnarius, F. Thiele, R. Becker, R. King

45. Large-Eddy Simulation of Passively-Controlled Transonic Cavity Flow
Pierre Comte, F. Daude, I. Mary

46. Passive Drag Control of a Turbulent Wake by Local Disturbances
O. Cadot, B. Thiria, J.-F. Beaudoin

47. Active Control of a Cylinder Wake Using Surface Plasma
T. Jukes, K.-S. Choi

48. Active Control of Flow Separation Over an Airfoil Using Synthetic Jets
D. You, P. Moin

49. Electromagnetic Control of Separation at Hydrofoils
G. Mutschke, T. Weier, T. Albrecht, G. Gerbeth, R. Grundmann

50. Active Control of Flows with Trapped Vortices
R.M. Kerimbekov, O.R. Tutty

51. A Three-Dimensional Numerical Study into Non-Axisymmetric Perturbations of the Hole-Tone Feedback Cycle
M. A. Langthjem, M. Nakano

Keywords: Physics, Classical Continuum Physics, Computational Science and Engineering, Physics, general, Measurement Science and Instrumentation, Fluid- and Aerodynamics

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