Barrett, Margaret S.

Narrative Inquiry in Music Education

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Margaret S. Barrett, Sandra L. Stauffer

Part I. Part I

2. Narrative Inquiry: From Story to Method
Margaret S. Barrett, Sandra L. Stauffer

3. Narrative Inquiry in Music Education: Toward ResonantWork
Sandra L. Stauffer, Margaret S. Barrett

Part II. Part II

4. Prelude: Framing and Re-framing the Narrative Possibilities for Music Education
Margaret S. Barrett, Sandra L. Stauffer

5. Storying the Musical Lifeworld: Illumination Through Narrative Case Study
David Cleaver

6. Challenges in Storying a Musical Lifeworld – A Commentary
Graham F. Welch

7. The Importance of Being Henry
Tom Langston

8. The Interview as Narrative – A Commentary
Rosalynd Smith

9. Filtered Through the Lenses of Self: Experiences of Two Preservice Music Teachers
Kaye Ferguson

10. Layering Analytic Lenses: Considerations for Assessing the Narrative Text in Music Education – A Commentary
Marie McCarthy

11. Learning from the Learners: A Cooperating Teacher’s Story
Jeffrey Davis

12. Nora’s Story and the Mirror of Music Teacher Excellence – A Commentary
Magne Espeland

13. “Everybody Should Be Heard; Everybody Has Got a Story to Tell, or a Song to Sing”
Catherine Kroon

14. Giving Voice to the Voiceless: Empowerment Through Music – A Commentary
Kathryn Marsh

15. “G”
Andrew Goodrich

16. Narrative Inquiry as Reflection on Pedagogy - A Commentary
Peter Dunbar-Hall

17. Stories from the Front
Loretta Niebur Walker

18. Narrative Inquiry and Indelible Impressions – A Commentary
Janet R. Barrett

Part III. Part III

19. Troubling Certainty: Narrative Possibilities for Music Education
D. Jean Clandinin

20. Charting Narrative Territory
Wayne Bowman

21. Postlude
Sandra L. Stauffer, Sandra L. Stauffer

Keywords: Education, Arts Education, Methodology of the Social Sciences, Teaching and Teacher Education

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253 pages
Upbringing, Education

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