Tymieniecka, A-T.

Existence, Historical Fabulation, Destiny

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Table of contents

1. Contextualizing Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka’s Concept of Fabulation
Jadwiga Smith

2. The Mythic Journey of a Changeling
Lawrence Kimmel

3. Aura; Ontological Materiality of Existence and Fabulation
Alira Ashvo-MuÑoz

4. Sartre’s Phenomenology of History: Community, Agency and Comprehension
William D. Melaney

5. Historical Fabulation as History by Other Means: Shakespeare’s Caesar and Mofolo’s Chaka as Opposites in Rubiconesque Leadership
Imafedia Okhamafe

6. The Dialectics Between Self, Time and Historical Change According to Milan Kundera
Michel Dion

7. Lived Images/Imagined Existences: A Phenomenology of Image Creation in the Works of Michel Tournier and Photography
Franck Dalmas

8. Aesthetic And Historical Framework of Russian Manor as a Genre
Ludmila Molodkina

9. The Portrait of A Real Live Man: Individuality, Moral Determination and Historical Myth in the Light of Henry James’s The American
Victor Gerald Rivas

10. Healing Personal History: Memoirs of Trauma and Transcendence
Rebecca M. Painter

11. Once I Was: A Philosophical Excursion into the Metaphors of the Mind
Matti Itkonen

12. Existence and Historical Fabulation: The Example of Tom Stoppard’s Travesties

Raymond J. Wilson III

13. Metaphysical Fabulation in the Berkshires: Melville’s ‘Arrowhead’ and the Anachrony of Thought
Christopher S. Schreiner

14. Being is Believing: The Underpinnings of Walter Benjamin’s Deconstruction of Historicism
Bruce Ross

15. Historic Fabulation and T. S . Eliot’s “Little Lidding”
Bernadette Prochaska

16. Harmonious Balance as the Ultimate Reality in Artistic and Philosophical Interpretation of the Taiji Diagram
Tsung-I Dow

17. Time After Time: The Temporality of Human Existence in Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury

Jerre Collins

18. Destiny in the Literature of Walker Percy, Leo Tolstoy and Eudora Welty
Bernadette Prochaska

19. The Interior Quest: Memoir, Lens of Personal Destiny
Rebecca M. Painter

20. Collective Intentions and the Phenomenology of Time – The Theory of Non-Domination in Communication
Cezary Józef Olbromski

21. Interpretation Of Destiny
Alira Ashvo-Muñoz

22. Human Destiny at the Edge of Existential Categories of Life: Musil and Kundera in Dialogue
Michel Dion

23. Aspiring Beyond:French Romanticism, Nietzsche And Saint-John Perse
Victor Kocay

24. Words Turn into Stone Haruki Murakami’s After The Quake
Bruce Ross

25. On the Modern Opposition of Fate, Destiny, Life, Doom and Luck in the Light of Henry James’s The Portrait of a Lady
Victor Gerald Rivas

26. Gail Godwin: Negotiating With Destiny in The Odd Woman and “Dream Children”
Raymond J. Wilson III

27. The Soul and its Destiny: Readings and Dialogues on Science, Philosophy and Religion - A Meeting with Vito Mancuso and Orlando Franceschelli
Roberto Verolini

Keywords: Linguistics, Comparative Literature, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Man, Interdisciplinary Studies

Publication year
Analecta Husserliana
Page amount
465 pages

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