Pitt, Kylie A.

Jellyfish Blooms: Causes, Consequences, and Recent Advances

Pitt, Kylie A. - Jellyfish Blooms: Causes, Consequences, and Recent Advances, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Obituary: Francesc Pagès (1962–2007)
Josep-Maria Gili, José Luis Acuña, Humberto E. González

2. The growth of jellyfishes
M. L. D. Palomares, D. Pauly

3. Extension of methods for jellyfish and ctenophore trophic ecology to large-scale research
Jennifer E. Purcell

4. Patterns of jellyfish abundance in the North Atlantic
Mark J. Gibbons, Anthony J. Richardson

5. Jellyfish in ecosystems, online databases, and ecosystem models
Daniel Pauly, William Graham, Simone Libralato, Lyne Morissette, M. L. Deng Palomares

6. Quantifying movement of the tropical Australian cubozoan Chironex fleckeri using acoustic telemetry
M. R. Gordon, J. E. Seymour

7. Acoustic survey of a jellyfish- dominated ecosystem (Mljet Island, Croatia)
G. Alvarez Colombo, A. Benovi?, A. Malej, D. Lu?i?, T. Makovec, V. Onofri, M. Acha, A. Madirolas, H. Mianzan

8. Stock enhancement of the edible jellyfish (Rhopilema esculentum Kishinouye) in Liaodong Bay, China: a review
Jing Dong, Lian-xin Jiang, Ke-fei Tan, Hai-ying Liu, Jennifer E. Purcell, Pei-jun Li, Chang-chen Ye

9. Stable isotope and fatty acid tracers in energy and nutrient studies of jellyfish: a review
K. A. Pitt, R. M. Connolly, T. Meziane

10. Influence of jellyfish blooms on carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling and plankton production
Kylie A. Pitt, David T. Welsh, Robert H. Condon

11. Influence of decomposing jellyfish on the sediment oxygen demand and nutrient dynamics
Elizabeth Jane West, David Thomas Welsh, Kylie Anne Pitt

12. A review and synthesis on the systematics and evolution of jellyfish blooms: advantageous aggregations and adaptive assemblages
William M. Hamner, Michael N Dawson

13. A character-based analysis of the evolution of jellyfish blooms: adaptation and exaptation
Michael N Dawson, William M. Hamner

14. A new Taqman© PCR-based method for the detection and identification of scyphozoan jellyfish polyps
Keith M. Bayha, William M. Graham

15. Comparative analysis of nuclear ribosomal DNA from the moon jelly Aurelia sp.1 (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa) with characterizations of the 18S, 28S genes, and the intergenic spacer (IGS)
Jang-Seu Ki, Il-Chan Kim, Jae-Seong Lee

16. The potential importance of podocysts to the formation of scyphozoan blooms: a review
Mary Needler Arai

17. Effects of temperature and light intensity on asexual reproduction of the scyphozoan, Aurelia aurita (L.) in Taiwan
Wen-Cheng Liu, Wen-Tseng Lo, Jennifer E. Purcell, Hao-Hsien Chang

18. Substrate preferences of scyphozoan Aurelia labiata polyps among common dock-building materials
Richard A. Hoover, Jennifer E. Purcell

19. Ontogenetic changes in the ecological function of the association behavior between jack mackerel Trachurus japonicus and jellyfish
Reiji Masuda

20. Kinematic properties of the jellyfish Aurelia sp
Tom Bajcar, Vlado Mala?i?, Alenka Malej, Brane Širok

Keywords: Life Sciences, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Fish & Wildlife Biology & Management, Invertebrates

Publication year
Developments in Hydrobiology
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5 pages
Natural Sciences

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