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The Nile

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Table of contents


1. A Description of the Nile Basin, and a Synopsis of Its History, Ecology, Biogeography, Hydrology, and Natural Resources
Henri J. Dumont

2. The Nile: History of Scientific Research
Jack F. Talling

II. Origin

3. Cenozoic Evolution of the Nile Basin
Michael R. Talbot, Martin A.J. Williams

4. Late Quaternary Environments in the Nile Basin
Martin A.J. Williams, Michael R. Talbot

III. Major Nilotic Environments

5. The Nile Delta
Waleed Hamza

6. The Fayum Depression and Its Lakes
Gamal M. El-Shabrawy, Henri J. Dumont

7. Lake Nasser—Nubia
Gamal M. El-Shabrawy

8. The Toshka Lakes
Gamal M. El-Shabrawy, Henri J. Dumont

9. Lake Tana: Source of the Blue Nile
Jacobus Vijverberg, Ferdinand A. Sibbing, Eshete Dejen

10. Swamps of the Upper White Nile
Jim Green, Asim I. El-Moghraby

11. The Kyoga Catchment
Jim Green

12. Lake Victoria
John T. Lehman

13. Rwenzori Mountains (Mountains of the Moon): Headwaters of the White Nile
Hilde Eggermont, Kay Damme, James M. Russell

14. Nilotic Lakes of the Western Rift
Jim Green

15. Lake Turkana and Its Link to the Nile
Thomas C. Johnson, John O. Malala

IV. Climates and Hydrology

16. Nile Basin Climates
Pierre Camberlin

17. The Hydrology of the Nile Basin
John V. Sutcliffe

V. Limnology and Biological Diversity

18. Physical and Chemical Water Characteristics
Jack F. Talling

19. River Nile Pollutants and Their Effect on Life Forms and Water Quality
Mostafa El-Sheekh

20. Bacteria and Viruses in the Nile
Saleh Ahmed Rabeh

21. Phytoplankton: Composition, Development and Productivity
Jack F. Talling, Faisal Sinada, Ola E. Taha, Emad M. H. Sobhy

22. Hydrophytes of the Nile in Egypt
Mahmoud A. Zahran

23. Aquatic Plants of the Sudan
Osman M. M. Ali

24. The Cnidaria of the Nile Basin
Henri J. Dumont

25. The Oligochaeta of the Nile Basin Revisited
Samir I. Ghabbour

26. The Crustacean Zooplankton (Copepoda, Branchiopoda), Atyid Decapoda, and Syncarida of the Nile Basin
Henri J. Dumont

27. Freshwater Crabs and Shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda) of the Nile Basin
Neil Cumberlidge

28. The Nile Benthos
Gamal M. El-Shabrawy, Mohamed R. Fishar

29. Freshwater Molluscs of the Nile Basin, Past and Present
Dirk Damme, Bert Bocxlaer

30. Aquatic Insects of the Nile Basin, with Emphasis on the Odonata
Henri J. Dumont

31. Fish Fauna of the Nile
Frans Witte, Martien J. P. Oijen, Ferdinand A. Sibbing

32. Fossil Fish from the Nile River and Its Southern Basins
Kathlyn M. Stewart

33. Birds of the Nile
Jim Green

VI. Human Use

34. Fisheries in the Nile System
Frans Witte, Martin Graaf, Oliva C. Mkumbo, Asim I. El-Moghraby, Ferdinand A. Sibbing

35. Nile Basin Asymmetries: A Closed Fresh Water Resource, Soil Water Potential, the Political Economy and Nile Transboundary Hydropolitics
John Anthony Allan

36. Human Impact on the Nile Basin: Past, Present, Future
Martin A. J. Williams

Keywords: Life Sciences, Ecology, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Conservation Biology/Ecology, Fish & Wildlife Biology & Management, Animal Systematics/Taxonomy/Biogeography, Environment, general

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Monographiae Biologicae
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832 pages
Natural Sciences

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