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Coastal and Marine Geospatial Technologies

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Table of contents

1. A Metadata Service for Managing Spatial Resources of Coastal Areas
Julien Barde, Therese Libourel, Pierre Maurel, Jean-Christophe Desconnets, Nabila Mazouni, Lionel Loubersac

2. The Development of an Australian Marine Spatial Information System (AMSIS) to Support Australian Government Ocean Policy and Multi-Use Marine Activities
Alister D. Nairn

3. Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Management of the Lagos Lagoon
P.C. Nwilo, D.A. Osanwuta, A.O. Onojeghuo, O.O. Oni

4. Harmonising Marine Information Exchange in Ireland
Elizabeth O’Dea, Edward Dwyer, Valerie Cummins, Dídac Perales Í Giménez, Declan Dunne

5. Creating Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure for the UK
Michael J Osborne, John Pepper

6. Unlocking the Marine Data Treasure Chest
John Pepper

7. The European Marie Curie Project “ECO-IMAGINE”
Emanuele Roccatagliata, Giorgio Saio

8. Coastal Ocean Information Network (ATLANTIC): From Concept to Reality: A Status Report
Andrew G. Sherin, Michael J.A. Butler, Claudette Leblanc, Randy Gillespie, Norval Collins

9. A National Database on Coastal Dunes: Emilia-Romagna and Southern Veneto Littorals (Italy)
Umberto Simeoni, Edi Valpreda, Corinne Corbau

10. Establishment of Marine and Coastal Spatial Data Infrastructure in Indonesia
Suwahyuono Wahyu, Gatot H. Pramono, Bebas Purnawan

11. Prestige Marine Pollution: A GIS Tool
Francisco Carreño, Inmaculada Rodríguez, Isabel Montoya, Maria J. Sánchez

12. Aquaculture in Sicily: Ecological and Economic Aspects
Paolina Curro, Vincenzo Maccarrone

13. Soft Copy Photogrammetry to Measure Shore Platform Erosion on Decadal Time Scales
Uwe Dornbusch, Cherith Moses, David A. Robinson, Rendel Williams

14. Regionalizing Coastal Zones with Geospatial Tools for Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Jorge I. Euán Avila, Alfonso Cuevas Jiménez

15. Applying Geospatial Technologies to Weedmat Monitoring and Mapping: The Ythan Estuary, NE Scotland
David R. Green

16. “Ythanview” — Visualizing an Estuary and Virtual Fieldwork at the Ythan Estuary, Scotland, UK
David R. Green, Katarzyna Bojar

17. Analysis of Long-Term Changes of a Sandy Shoreline Utilising High-Resolution Aerial Photography
Tobias Dolch

18. GIS in the Trilateral Monitoring and Assessment Program (TMAP)
Gerold Lueerssen

19. Integrating GIS with Hydrodynamic Model for Wastewater Disposal and Management: Pearl River Estuary
Sandy M.N. Ng, Onyx W.H. Wai, Z.H. Xu, Y.S. Li

20. Geographic Information Systems and Sustainable Water Resources Management in Nigeria
Ifeyinwa Christabel Okeke

21. Spatial Analysis of Traffic and Risks in the Coastal Zone
Ronald Pelot, Lauren Plummer

22. Predictive Models to Inform Spatial Planning for Scottish Marine Fish Farms
C. Greathead, M. Gubbins, I.M. Davies, D. Tulett

23. Towards A GIS-Based Methodology for Marine Protected Area Zoning
Sarah A. Loos, Rosaline R. Canessa

24. Functional Connected Areas in Regional Planning: Sea and Land Uses Interaction
Leon Gosar, Manca Plazar, Tanja Preseren, Franc Steinman

25. The Development of Coastal Information Systems: The Role of Networks in Bringing Spatial Analysis into Planning and Management
Tim Stojanovic

26. GIS Tool for Coastal Morphodynamics Analysis
Joaquim Pais-Barbosa, Fernando Veloso-Gomes, Francisco Taveira-Pinto

27. Paros Island (Cyclades, Aegean Sea) Coastal Zone: Natural Processes and Dynamics
N. Evelpidou, S.E. Poulos, A. Vassilopoulos

28. Palaeogeographic Evolution of the Cyclades Islands (Greece) During the Holocene
K. Gaki-Papanastassiou, N. Evelpidou, H. Maroukian, A. Vassilopoulos

29. Structural Control of Geomorphological Evolution of Meganissi Island (Ionian Sea) Coastal Zone and Natural Hazard Risk Detection Based on Fuzzy Sets
Th. Gournelos, N. Evelpidou, A. Vassilopoulos, S. Poulos

30. A Simple and Efficient Methodology to Assess Long Term Shoreline Evolution – Case Study
Filipa S. B. F. Oliveira

31. Study of Human Induced Recent Geomorphological and Land Use Changes of the Acheloos Delta Area in Western Greece Using GIS
D. Green, Th. Gournelos, A. Vassilopoulos, N. Evelpidou

32. Multi-Functional Assessment of Coastal Landscapes with Climate Change
Iain Brown

33. A GIS for Managing Past Knowledge in Coastal Defence Planning
Edi Valpreda, Michele Rotunno, Umberto Simeoni, Simona Gragnaniello, Maurizio Farina

34. Environmental Indicators GIS of the Catalan Coast
Jorge Brenner, José A. Jiménez’, Rafael Sardá

35. Geohazards and Geographic Information in the Coast of Tarragona (Spain)
Isabel Montoya, Inmaculada Rodríguez, María José Sánchez, Francisco Carreño

36. Assessing the Vulnerability of Asian Megadeltas to Climate Change Using GIS
Colin D. Woodroffe

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Oceanography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Computer Applications in Earth Sciences, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Environment, general

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Coastal Systems and Continental Margins
Natural Sciences

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