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Permafrost Ecosystems

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
A. Osawa, O. A. Zyryanova

2. Floristic Diversity and its Geographical Background in Central Siberia
O. A. Zyryanova, A. P. Abaimov, H. Daimaru, Y. Matsuura

3. Geographical Distribution and Genetics of Siberian Larch Species
A. P. Abaimov

4. Wildfire Ecology in Continuous Permafrost Zone
M. A. Sofronov, A. V. Volokitina

5. Recovery of Forest Vegetation After Fire Disturbance
O. A. Zyryanova, A. P. Abaimov, T. N. Bugaenko, N. N. Bugaenko

6. Biomass and Productivity of Siberian Larch Forest Ecosystems
T. Kajimoto, A. Osawa, V. A. Usoltsev, A. P. Abaimov

7. Development of Stand Structure in Larch Forests
A. Osawa, T. Kajimoto

8. Soil Carbon and Nitrogen, and Characteristics of Soil Active Layer in Siberian Permafrost Region
Y. Matsuura, M. Hirobe

9. Soil Respiration in Larch Forests
T. Morishita, O. V. Masyagina, T. Koike, Y. Matsuura

10. Net Ecosystem Exchange of CO2 in Permafrost Larch Ecosystems
Y. Nakai

11. Behavior of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Larch Ecosystems
A. S. Prokushkin, S. Hobara, S. G. Prokushkin

12. Soil Nitrogen Dynamics in Larch Ecosystem
N. Tokuchi, M. Hirobe, K. Kondo, H. Arai, S. Hobara, K. Fukushima, Y. Matsuura

13. Hydrological Aspects in a Siberian Larch Forest
T. Ohta

14. Photosynthetic Characteristics of Trees and Shrubs Growing on the North- and South-Facing Slopes in Central Siberia
T. Koike, S. Mori, O. A. Zyryanova, T. Kajimoto, Y. Matsuura, A. P. Abaimov

15. Respiration of Larch trees
S. Mori, S. G. Prokushkin, O. V. Masyagina, T. Ueda, A. Osawa, T. Kajimoto

16. Root System Development of Larch Trees Growing on Siberian Permafrost
T. Kajimoto

17. Seasonal Changes in Stem Radial Growth of Larix gmelinii in Central Siberia in Relation to its Climatic Responses
K. Yasue, J. Kujansuu, T. Kajimoto, Y. Nakai, T. Koike, A. P. Abaimov, Y. Matsuura

18. Dendrochronology of Larch Trees Growing on Siberian Permafrost
E. A. Vaganov, A. V. Kirdyanov

19. Characteristics of Larch Forests in Daxingan Mountains, Northeast China
F. Shi, K. Sasa, T. Koike

20. Carbon Dynamics of Larch Plantations in Northeastern China and Japan
M. Jomura, W. J. Wang, O. V. Masyagina, S. Homma, Y. Kanazawa, Y. G. Zu, T. Koike

21. The Role of Ectomycorrhiza in Boreal Forest Ecosystem
L. Qu, K. Makoto, D. S. Choi, A. M. Quoreshi, T. Koike

22. From Vegetation Zones to Climatypes: Effects of Climate Warming on Siberian Ecosystems
N. M. Tchebakova, G. E. Rehfeldt, E. I. Parfenova

23. Effects of Elevated CO2 on Ecophysiological Responses of Larch Species Native to Northeast Eurasia
T. Koike, K. Yazaki, N. Eguchi, S. Kitaoka, R. Funada

24. Characteristics of Permafrost Forests in Siberia and Potential Responses to Warming Climate
A. Osawa, Y. Matsuura, T. Kajimoto

Keywords: Life Sciences, Ecosystems, Forestry, Terrestial Ecology, Plant Ecology, Soil Science & Conservation

Publication year
Ecological Studies
Page amount
26 pages
Natural Sciences

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