Lane, David

Complexity Perspectives in Innovation and Social Change

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
David Lane, Robert Maxfield, Dwight Read, Sander Leeuw

Part I. From Biology to Society

2. From Population to Organization Thinking
David Lane, Robert Maxfield, Dwight Read, Sander Leeuw

3. The Innovation Innovation
Dwight Read, David Lane, Sander Leeuw

4. The Long-Term Evolution of Social Organization
Sander Leeuw, David Lane, Dwight Read

5. Biological Metaphors in Economics: Natural Selection and Competition
Andrea Ginzburg

6. Innovation in the Context of Networks, Hierarchies, and Cohesion
Douglas R. White

Part II. Innovation and Urban Systems

7. The Organization of Urban Systems
Anne Bretagnolle, Denise Pumain, Céline Vacchiani-Marcuzzo

8. The Self Similarity of Human Social Organization and Dynamics in Cities
Luíis M.A. Bettencourt, Josée Lobo, Geoffrey B. West

9. Innovation Cycles and Urban Dynamics
Denise Pumain, Fabien Paulus, Céline Vacchiani-Marcuzzo

Part III. Innovation and Market Systems

10. Building a New Market System: Effective Action, Redirection and Generative Relationships
David Lane, Robert Maxfield

11. Incorporating a New Technology into Agent-Artifact Space: The Case of Control System Automation in Europe
Federica Rossi, Paolo Bertossi, Paolo Gurisatti, Luisa Sovieni

12. Innovation Policy: Levels and Levers
Federica Rossi, Margherita Russo

Part IV. Modeling Innovation and Social Change

13. The Future of Urban Systems: Exploratory Models
Denise Pumain, Lena Sanders, Anne Bretagnolle, Benoît Glisse, Hélène Mathian

14. Modeling Innovation
Roberto Serra, Marco Villani, David Lane

15. An Agent-Based Model of Information Flows in Social Dynamics
Davide Ferrari, Dwight Read, Sander Leeuw

16. Exaptive Processes: An Agent Based Model
Marco Villani, Stefano Bonacini, Davide Ferrari, Roberto Serra

17. Power Laws in Urban Supply Networks, Social Systems, and Dense Pedestrian Crowds
Dirk Helbing, Christian Kühnert, Stefan Lämmer, Anders Johansson, Björn Gehlsen, Hendrik Ammoser, Geoffrey B. West

18. Using Statistical Physics to Understand Relational Space: A Case Study from Mediterranean Prehistory
Tim Evans, Carl Knappett, Ray Rivers

Keywords: Social Sciences, general, Social Sciences, general, Quantitative Geography, Sociology, Regional/Spatial Science, Archaeology

Publication year
Methodos Series
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501 pages

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