Nagendra, Harini

Reforesting Landscapes

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Table of contents

1. Reforestation: Challenges and Themes in Reforestation Research
Jane Southworth, Harini Nagendra

2. The Bigger Picture – Tropical Forest Change in Context, Concept and Practice
Alan Grainger

3. Three Paths to Forest Expansion: A Comparative Historical Analysis
Thomas K. Rudel

4. A Tri-Partite Framework of Forest Dynamics: Hierarchy, Panarchy, and Heterarchy in the Study of Secondary Growth
Stephen G. Perz, Angelica M. Almeyda

5. Forest Cover Dynamics and Forest Transitions in Mexico and Central America: Towards a “Great Restoration”?
David Barton Bray

6. Reforestation in Central and Eastern Europe After the Breakdown of Socialism
Gregory N. Taff, Daniel Müller, Tobias Kuemmerle, Esra Ozdeneral, Stephen J. Walsh

7. Reforestation and Regrowth in the Human Dominated Landscapes of South Asia
Harini Nagendra

8. Threats to the Forest Transition in the Midwest United States
Tom P. Evans, Shanon Donnelly, Sean Sweeney

9. Importance of Input Classification to Graph Automata Simulations of Forest Cover Change in the Peruvian Amazon
Kelley A. Crews, Alexander Moffett

10. Forest Expansion in Northwest Costa Rica: Conjuncture of the Global Market, Land-Use Intensification, and Forest Protection
Amy E. Daniels

11. Forest Cover Changes and Their Drivers in the Polish Carpathian Mountains Since 1800
Jacek Kozak

12. Parks as a Mechanism to Maintain and Facilitate Recovery of Forest Cover: Examining Reforestation, Forest Maintenance and Productivity in Uganda
Joel Hartter, Jane Southworth, Michael Binford

13. Spontaneous Regeneration of Tropical Dry Forest in Madagascar: The Social–Ecological Dimension
Thomas Elmqvist, Markku Pyykönen, Maria Tengö

14. Forest Transition in Vietnam and Bhutan: Causes and Environmental Impacts
Patrick Meyfroidt, Eric F. Lambin

15. Forest Cover in China from 1949 to 2006
Conghe Song, Yuxing Zhang

16. Reforestation: Conclusions and Implications
Harini Nagendra, Jane Southworth

Keywords: Life Sciences, Landscape Ecology, Forestry Management, Nature Conservation, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography

Publication year
Landscape Series
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7 pages
Natural Sciences

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