Cleophas, Eugene P.

Statistics Applied to Clinical Trials

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Table of contents

1. Hypotheses, Data, Stratification

2. The Analysis Of Efficacy Data

3. The Analysis of Safety Data

4. Log Likelihood Ratio Tests For Safety Data Analysis

5. Equivalence Testing

6. Statistical Power And Sample Size

7. Interim Analyses

8. Controlling The Risk of False Positive Clinical Trials

9. Multiple Statistical Inferences

10. The Interpretation of The P-Values

11. Research Data Closer To Expectation Than Compatible With Random Sampling

12. Statistical Tables For Testing Data Closer To Expectation Than Compatible With Random Sampling

13. Principles Of Linear Regression

14. Subgroup Analysis Using Multiple Linear Regression: Confounding, Interaction, Synergism

15. Curvilinear Regression

16. Logistic and Cox Regression, Markow Models, Laplace Transformations

17. Regression Modeling for Improved Precision

18. Post-Hoc Analyses in Clinical Trials, a Case for Logistic Regression Analysis

19. Confounding

20. Interaction

21. Meta-Analysis, Basic Approach

22. Meta-Analysis, Review and Update of Methodologies

23. Crossover Studies with Continuous Variables

24. Crossover Studies with Binary Responses

25. Cross-Over Trials Should not be Used to Test Treatments with Different Chemical Class

26. Quality-of-Life Assessments in Clinical Trials

27. Statistical Analysis of Genetic Data

28. Relationship Among Statistical Distributions

29. Testing Clinical Trials for Randomness

30. Clinical Trials do not Use Random Samples Anymore

31. Clinical Data Where Variability is More Important than Averages

32. Testing Reproducibility

33. Validating Qualitative Diagnostic Tests

34. Uncertainty of Qualitative Diagnostic Tests

35. Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Accuracy

36. Validating Quantitative Diagnostic Tests

37. Summary of Validation Procedures for Diagnostic Tests

38. Validating Surrogate Endpoints of Clinical Trials

39. Methods for Repeated Measures Analysis

40. Advanced Analysis of Variance, Random Effects and Mixed Effects Models

41. Monte Carlo Methods

42. Physicians’ Daily Life and the Scientific Method

43. Clinical Trials: Superiority-Testing

44. Trend-Testing

45. Odds Ratios and Multiple Regression Models, Why and How to Use Them

46. Statistics is no “Bloodless” Algebra

47. Bias Due to Conflicts of Interests, Some Guidelines

Keywords: MATHEMATICS / Probability & Statistics / General MAT029000

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Natural Sciences

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