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Constituting Objectivity

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Table of contents

I. Historical Survey of Transcendental Readings of Physics

1. Introduction
Michel Bitbol, Pierre Kerszberg, Jean Petitot

2. Newton and Kant on Absolute Space: From Theology to Transcendental Philosophy
Michael Friedman

3. On Kant's Transcendental Account of Newtonian Mechanics
Pierre Kerszberg

4. Ernst Cassirer: Open Constitution by Functional A Priori and Symbolical Structuring
Christiane Schmitz-Rigal

5. On the Transposition of the Substantial into the Functional: Bringing Cassirer's Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics into the Twenty-First Century
Angelo Cei, Steven French

6. Moritz Schlick: Between Synthetic A Priori Judgment and Conventionalism
Christian Bonnet, Ronan de Calan

7. Carnap's Relativised A Priori and Ontology
Paolo Parrini

II. Transcendental Epistemologies and Modern Physics

8. The Transcendental Domain of Physics
Rom Harré

9. Determinism, Determination, and Objectivity in Modern Physics
Gordon Brittan

10. The Constitution of Objects in Classical Physics and in Quantum Physics
Peter Mittelstaedt

11. Laws of Nature: The Kantian Approach
Giovanni Boniolo

12. The Transcendental Role of the Principle of Anticipations of Perception in Quantum Mechanics
Patricia Kauark-Leite

13. Can the Principle of Least Action Be Considered a Relativized A Priori?
Michael Stöltzner

14. A Critical Account of Physical Reality
Brigitte Falkenburg

15. Einstein, Kant, and the Relativized A Priori

Michael Friedman

16. A Cognizable Universe: Transcendental Arguments in Physical Cosmology
Yuri Balashov

17. Hermann Weyl and “First Philosophy”: Constituting Gauge Invariance
Thomas Ryckman

18. Old Wine Enriched in New Bottles: Kantian Flavors in Bohr's Viewpoint of Complementarity
Steen Brock

19. A Transcendental Account of Correspondence and Complementarity
Hernán Pringe

20. The Convergence of Transcendental Philosophy and Quantum Physics: Grete Henry-Hermann's 1935 Pioneering Proposal
Léna Soler

21. Decoherence and the Constitution of Objectivity
Michel Bitbol

22. The Entangled Roots of Objective Knowledge
Stefano Osnaghi

23. Can Classical Description of Physical Reality Be Considered Complete?
Gabriel Catren

24. A View of the Symbolic Structure of Modern Physics
Ion-Olimpiu Stamatescu

25. Symbolic Constructions in Quantum Field Theory
Hans Günter Dosch, Volkhard F. Müller, Norman Sieroka

26. Noncommutative Geometry and Transcendental Physics
Jean Petitot

III. Debate About the Relevance of Transcendental Epistemology for Modern Physics: Transcendentalism, Empiricism and Realism

27. Can Empiricism Leave Its Realism Behind? Toward a Dialogue with Transcendentalists
Bas C. van Fraassen

28. A Physicist's Approach to Kant
Bernard d'Espagnat

29. Structural Realism and Abductive-Transcendental Arguments
Holger Lyre

30. Provisional Knowledge
Paul Teller

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, History of Physics, History of Science, Modern Philosophy

Publication year
The Western Ontario Series In Philosophy of Science
Page amount
552 pages

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