Pichon, Alexis Le

Infrasound Monitoring for Atmospheric Studies

Pichon, Alexis Le - Infrasound Monitoring for Atmospheric Studies, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Characteristics of Infrasound, its Propagation and Some Early History
Läslo G. Evers, Hein W. Haak

2. The IMS Infrasound Network: Design and Establishment of Infrasound Stations
D. R. Christie, P. Campus

3. Monitoring the Earth’s Atmosphere with the Global IMS Infrasound Network
Nicolas Brachet, David Brown, Ronan Bras, Yves Cansi, Pierrick Mialle, John Coyne

4. Low-Noise Broadband Microbarometers
D. Ponceau, L. Bosca

5. A Review of Wind-Noise Reduction Methodologies
Kristoffer T. Walker, Michael A.H. Hedlin

6. Worldwide Observations of Infrasonic Waves
P. Campus, D. R. Christie

7. Infrasonic Observations of Open Ocean Swells in the Pacific: Deciphering the Song of the Sea
M. Garcés, M. Willis, A. Pichon

8. Generation of Microbaroms by Deep-Ocean Hurricanes
Claus H. Hetzer, Kenneth E. Gilbert, Roger Waxler, Carrick L. Talmadge

9. Acoustic-Gravity Waves from Earthquake Sources
Takeshi Mikumo, Shingo Watada

10. Seismic Waves from Atmospheric Sources and Atmospheric/Ionospheric Signatures of Seismic Waves
P. Lognonné

11. Acoustic-Gravity Waves from Impulsive Sources in the Atmosphere
D. O. ReVelle

12. Meteor Generated Infrasound: Theory and Observation
Wayne N. Edwards

13. High-latitude Observations of Infrasound from Alaska and Antarctica: Mountain Associated Waves and Geomagnetic/Auroral Infrasonic Signals
Charles R. Wilson, Curt A. L. Szuberla, John V. Olson

14. Some Atmospheric Effects on Infrasound Signal Amplitudes
J. P. Mutschlecner, Rodney W. Whitaker

15. Atmospheric Variability and Infrasound Monitoring
Catherine D. Groot-Hedlin, Michael A. H. Hedlin, Douglas P. Drob

16. On the Prospects for Acoustic Sounding of the Fine Structure of the Middle Atmosphere
Sergey Kulichkov

17. Numerical Methods to Model Infrasonic Propagation Through Realistic Specifications of the Atmosphere
David Norris, Robert Gibson, Kevin Bongiovanni

18. Misty Picture: A Unique Experiment for the Interpretation of the Infrasound Propagation from Large Explosive Sources
O. Gainville, Ph. Blanc-Benon, E. Blanc, R. Roche, C. Millet, F. Le Piver, B. Despres, P. F. Piserchia

19. Ground Truth Events: Assessing the Capability of Infrasound Networks Using High Resolution Data Analyses
David N. Green, Alexis Le Pichon, Lars Ceranna, Läslo Evers

20. Contribution of Infrasound Monitoring for Atmospheric Remote Sensing
A. Pichon, J. Vergoz, Y. Cansi, L. Ceranna, D. Drob

21. Global Scale Monitoring of Acoustic and Gravity Waves for the Study of the Atmospheric Dynamics
E. Blanc, A. Pichon, L. Ceranna, T. Farges, J. Marty, P. Herry

22. Dynamics and Transport in the Middle Atmosphere Using Remote Sensing Techniques from Ground and Space
Alain Hauchecorne, Philippe Keckhut, Marie-Lise Chanin

23. The Representation of Gravity Waves in Atmospheric General Circulation Models (GCMs)
François Lott, Christophe Millet

24. Inversion of Infrasound Signals for Passive Atmospheric Remote Sensing
Douglas P. Drob, R. R. Meier, J. Michael Picone, Milton M. Garcés

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Applied Earth Sciences, Acoustics, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Measurement Science and Instrumentation, Noise Control

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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