Yan, Hong-Sen

International Symposium on History of Machines and Mechanisms

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Table of contents

1. History of Dynamics of Machines and Mechanisms from Leonardo to Timoshenko
Francis C. Moon

2. On the Historical Overview of Geometric Algebra for Kinematics of Mechanisms
Chung-Ching Lee, Charles W. Stammers, Glen Mullineux

3. Some Origins of TMM Arisen from Pseudo-Aristotle and Hero of Alexandria
Agamenon R.E. Oliveira

4. Kurt Hain - An Outstanding Personality in the Field of Applied Kinematics and the Accessibility to his Scientific Work
Torsten Brix, Marco Ceccarelli, Ulf Döring

5. The Development of Machine Design as a Science from Classical Times to Modern Era
Thomas G. Chondros

6. The Evolution and Development of Mechanical Engineering Through Large Cultural Areas
José Luis Muñoz Sanz, Emilio Bautista Paz, Marco Ceccarelli, Javier Echávarri Otero, Pilar Lafont Morgado, Andrés Díaz Lantada, Pilar Leal Wiña, Héctor Lorenzo-Yustos, Juan Manuel Munoz-Guijosa, Julio Muñoz-García

7. A Brief Account on Roman Machines and Cultural Frames
Marco Ceccarelli, Paolo De Paolis

8. Devices for Distance and Time Measurement at the Time of Roman Empire
Flavio Russo, Cesare Rossi, Marco Ceccarelli, Ferruccio Russo

9. The Twenty-One Books of Devices and Machines: An Encyclopedia of Machines and Mechanisms of the 16th Century
Javier Echávarri Otero, Andrés Díaz Lantada, José Luis Muñoz Sanz, Marco Ceccarelli, Emilio Bautista Paz, Pilar Lafont Morgado, Pilar Leal Wiña, Juan Manuel Munoz-Guijosa, Julio Muñoz-García, Héctor Lorenzo-Yustos

10. A Contribution to the History of Cam Mechanisms – From Leonardo da Vinci Till Today
Hanfried Kerle, Klaus Mauersberger

11. Steam Locomotives in the History of Technology of Mexico
C. López-Cajún, M. Rafael-Morales, J. Cervantes-de-Gortari, R. Colás-Ortiz

12. The First Steam Machine in Cuba: Little-Known Pages of Agustin de Betancourt’s Work and Life
Olga V. Egorova

13. A Historical Overview of Japanese Clocks and Karakuri
Yasuhiro Yokota

14. An Introduction to the Spinning and Weaving Devices and Tools of the Miao Ethnic Group in the Northeast of Yunnan Province
Li-Hua Wang

15. Ancient Chinese Windmills
Baichun Zhang

16. An Interpretation of a Shui Lun Fu 水輪賦 (Rhapsody on Waterwheel)*
Guan Xiao-wu

17. “Lei Si Jing”(耒耜经) and the Curve-Beam Plough of the Tang Dynasty of China
Dai Wusan

18. Crank-Connecting Rod Mechanism: Its Applications in Ancient China and Its Origin
Feng Lisheng, Tong Qingjun

19. The Development of Knowledge on Levers in Ancient China
Tian Miao, Zhang Baichun

20. Phases in the Unraveling of the Secrets of the Gear System of the Antikythera Mechanism
Teun Koetsier

21. An Investigation and Reconstruction of Traditional Vertical-Axle-Styled “Chinese Great Windmill” and Its Square-Pallet Chain-Pump
Lie Sun, Baichun Zhang, Tsung-Yi Lin, Zhizhong Zhang

22. On the Mechanism Analysis of the Vertical Shaft Type Wind-Power Chinese Square-Pallet Chain-Pump
Tsung-Yi Lin, Baichun Zhang, Deng-Maw Lu, Lie Sun, Zhizhong Zhang

23. An Approach for the Reconstruction Synthesis of Lost Ancient Chinese Mechanisms
Hong-Sen Yan

24. Robotics for Minimally Invasive Surgery: A Historical Review from the Perspective of Kinematics
Chin-Hsing Kuo, Jian S Dai

25. Multiple Bolts as Security Devices
Hsing-Hui Haung, Yi-Ming Lin

26. Technology Transfer of Educational Machine Mechanism Models
Sohei Shiroshita

Keywords: Science, general, History of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

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