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IUTAM Symposium on Mechanical Properties of Cellular Materials

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Table of contents

1. Uniaxial Deformation of Microcellular Metals: Model Systems and Simplified Analysis
R. Goodall, Y. Conde, R. Müller, S. Soubielle, E. Combaz, J. F. Despois, A. Marmottant, F. Diologent, L. Salvo, A. Mortensen

2. Mechanical Properties and Design of Lattice Composites and Structures
Dai-Ning Fang, Xiao-Dong Cui, Yi-Hui Zhang, Han Zhao

3. Nano-Cellular Materials with Unusual Mechanical and Physical Properties
H. L. Duan, J. Wang, B. L. Karihaloo

4. The High Strain Rate Response of Adipose Tissue
K. Comley, N. A. Fleck

5. X Ray Tomography Study of Cellular Materials: Experiments and Modelling
E. Maire, O. Caty, A. King, J. Adrien

6. Anisotropic Mechanical Properties of Lotus-Type Porous Metals
H. Nakajima, M. Tane, S. K. Hyun, H. Seki

7. Mechanical Behavior of Nickel Base Foams for Diesel Particle Filter Applications
M. Duchamp, J. D. Bartout, S. Forest, Y. Bienvenu, G. Walther, S. Saberi, A. Boehm

8. Anisotropy in Buckling Behavior of Kelvin Open-Cell Foams Subject to Uniaxial Compression
D. Okumura, A. Okada, N. Ohno

9. Elastic Buckling of 2-D Random Honeycombs: Does a Representative Volume Element Exists?
F. Jouneid, K. Sab

10. Mechanical Properties of Semi-expanded Hollow Sphere Structures
T. Daxner, R. W. Tomas

11. Indentation Tests on Al Matrix Syntactic Foams
X. F. Tao, G. K. Schleyer, Y. Y. Zhao

12. Fracture of Metal Foams: A Discrete Modelling Approach
K. R. Mangipudi, P. R. Onck

13. Fracture of Foamed Cementitious Materials: A Combined Experimental and Numerical Study
D. Meyer, H. -K. Man, Jan G. M. Mier

14. Modeling and Simulation of Highly Porous Open Cell Structures: Elasto-Plasticity and Localization Versus Disorder and Defects
M. H. Luxner, H. E. Pettermann

15. Mechanical Properties of Crimped Mineral Wools: Identification from Digital Image Correlation
J. -F. Witz, F. Hild, S. Roux, J. -B. Rieunier

16. Influences of Inertia and Material Property on the Dynamic Behavior of Cellular Metals
J. L. Yu, Y. -D. Liu, Z. -J. Zheng, J. -R. Li, T. X. Yu

17. Shock Enhancement due to Shock Front Propagation in Cellular Materials
S. Pattofatto, I. Nasri, H. Zhao, F. Hild, Y. Girard, H. Tsitsiris

18. Close-Range Blast Loading of Aluminium Foam Panels: A Numerical Study
A. G. Hanssen, L. Olovsson, T. Børvik, M. Langseth

19. Description of the Behaviour of Cellular Composite with Weak Filling Material
E. Postek, T. Sadowski

20. Studies on the Dynamic Behavior of Aluminum Alloy Foams
H. -W. Ma, Z. -H. Wang, L. -M. Zhao, G. -T. Yang

21. Computational Modelling of Closed- and Open-Cell Cellular Structures with Fillers
M. Vesenjak, A. Öchsner, Z. Ren

22. Study of Cellular Materials Sandwich Under Dynamic Loading for Bird Strike Application
Y. Girard, I. Elnasri, H. Zhao

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