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Engineering Against Fracture

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1. Ball-Burnishing and Roller-Burnishing to Improve Fatigue Performance of Structural Alloys
Lothar Wagner, Tomasz Ludian, Manfred Wollmann

2. Dual Scale Fatigue Crack Monitoring Scheme Considering Random Material, Geometric and Load Characteristics
G. C. Sih

3. Exploitation of the TRIP Effect for the Development of Formable, Fracture and Fatigue Resistant Steels for Automotive Applications
Gregory N. Haidemenopoulos

4. Hybrid Metal Laminates for Low Weight Fuselage Structures
Marco Pacchione, Elke Hombergsmeier

5. Multifunctional Materials Used in Automotive Industry: A Critical Review
Konstantinos Salonitis, John Pandremenos, John Paralikas, George Chryssolouris

II. Engineering Properties

6. Effect of Talc Filler Content on Poly(Propylene) Composite Mechanical Properties
Lubomir Lapcik, Pavlina Jindrova, Barbora Lapcikova

7. Fracture Properties of Polypropylene Reinforced with Short Glass Fibres: The Influence of Temperature, Notch Length and Geometry
Petr Elisek, Miroslav Raab

8. Influence of Width of Specimen on Tensile Properties of NiCo Thin Film
Jun -Hyub Park, Joong -Hyok An, Yun -Bae Jeon, Yun -Jae Kim, Yong -Hak Huh

III. Fatigue Damage Physics and Modeling

9. Dynamic Properties and Fatigue Failure of Aircraft Component
Sergei Kuznetsov, Eriks Ozolinsh, IImars Ozolinsh, Igors Pavelko, Vitalijs Pavelko

10. Investigation of the Fatigue Behaviour of the Structural Magnesium Alloy AZ31
Spiros G. Pantelakis, Apostolos N. Chamos, Vasilis Spiliadis

IV. Engineering Properties II

11. Coulomb Failure Surfaces in Ductile Non Linear Elastic Materials
Nikos P. Andrianopoulos, Vassilios M. Manolopoulos, Ioannis T. Dernikas

12. Effect of Stress on the Fire Reaction Properties of Polymer Composite Laminates
A. E. Elmughrabi, A. M. Robinson, A. G. Gibson

13. Investigation of Failure and Failure Progression in Stiffened Composite Structures
Hans -G. Reimerdes, Sebastian Büsing

14. Next Generation Composite Aircraft Fuselage Materials under Post-crash Fire Conditions
Gaetano Delfa, Johannes Luinge, Arthur Geoff Gibson

15. Progressive Fracture Analysis of Planar Lattices and Shape-Morphing Kagome Structure
Konstantinos I. Tserpes

V. Fatigue Damage (Experimental)

16. Fatigue Behavior of Non-crimp Fabrics
Peter Horst, Stephan Adden

17. Fatigue Crack Growth Assessment of Corroded Aluminum Alloys
Alexis Th. Kermanidis, Spiros G. Pantelakis

18. Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior under Spectrum Loading
Daniel Kujawski, Stoyan Stoychev

19. Small Crack in a Simulated Columnar Polycrystalline Aggregate with Random 2D and 3D Lattice Orientations
Igor Simonovski, Leol Cizelj

20. Thermo-Mechanical Methods for Improving Fatigue Performance of Wrought Magnesium Alloys
Muhammad Shahzad, Lothar Wagner

VI. Applied Fracture Mechanics

21. Investigations on Fracture of Collector Copper Lamellas
Liviu Marsavina, Nicolae Faur, Romeo Susan-Resiga, Radu Negru

22. The Regularities of Fatigue Crack Growth in Airframes Elements at Real Operation Conditions
Igors Pavelko, Vitalijs Pavelko

VII. Engineering Applications

23. Fracture in Electronics
William J. Plumbridge

24. Improving the Crashworthiness of Aluminium Rail Vehicles
Donato Zangani, Mark Robinson, George Kotsikos

25. Information Fusion in Ad hoc Wireless Sensor Networks for Aircraft Health Monitoring
Nikos Fragoulis, Vassilis Tsagaris, Vassilis Anastassopoulos

26. Roll Forming of AHSS: Numerical Simulation and Investigation of Effects of Main Process Parameters on Quality
Konstantinos Salonitis, John Paralikas, George Chryssolouris

VIII. Scale Effects and Modeling

27. Dependency of Micro-mechanical Properties of Gold Thin Films on Grain Size
Yong -Hak Huh, Dong -Iel Kim, Dong -Jin Kim, Hae -Moo Lee, Jun -Hyub Park

28. Fracture and Failure in Micro- and Nano-Scale
Costas A. Charitidis

29. Local, Semilocal and Nominal Approaches to Estimate the Fatigue Strength of Welded Joints
Bruno Atzori, Paolo Lazzarin, Giovanni Meneghetti

30. Superficial Strength Properties Modification of 2024 Aluminum Specimens Subjected to Cyclic Loading, Detected by Nanoindentations
Konstantinos -Dionysios Bouzakis, Ioannis Mirisidis, Spiros G. Pantelakis, Paraskevas V. Petroyiannis

IX. Surface Treatments and Engineering

31. Characterisation of Residual Stresses Generated by Laser Shock Peening by Neutron and Synchrotron Diffraction
Alexander Dominic Evans, Andrew King, Thilo Pirling, Patrice Peyre, Phillip John Withers

32. Dry Ice Blasting – Energy-Efficiency and New Fields of Application
Eckhart Uhlmann, Robert Hollan, Adil Mernissi

33. Fatigue Life Improvement for Cruciform Welded Joint by Mechanical Surface Treatment using Hammer Peening and UNSM
Seung -Ho Han, Jeong -Woo Han, Yong -Yun Nam, In -Ho Cho

34. The use of Ultrasonic Impact Treatment to Extend the Fatigue Life of Integral Aerospace Structures
Chris A. Rodopoulos, James Bridges

X. Theoretical Fracture Mechanics and Modeling I

35. Analysis of Crack Patterns Under Three-Dimensional Residual Stress Field
George Labeas, Ioannis Diamantakos, Theodoros Kermanidis

36. BEM Solutions of Crack Problems in Gradient Elasticity
Gerasimos F. Karlis, Stephanos V. Tsinopoulos, Demosthenes Polyzos, Dimitri E. Beskos

37. Fracture Analysis of Medium Density Polyethylene
Ivica Skozrit, Zdenko Tonkovi?

XI. Structural Analysis (Metals)

38. Buckling Evaluation in Case of Complicated Stress Condition
Ausra Zilinskaite, Antanas Ziliukas

39. Comparison of Two Currently used and One Proposed Seismic Design Methods for Steel Structures
Theodore L. Karavasilis, Nikitas Bazeos, Dimitri E. Beskos

40. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Failure Pressure of Valve Housing
Ivica Galié, Zdenko Tonkovié, Krešsimir Vu?kovié

41. Fracture Analysis of a Bolted Joint of a Large Pump Frame of a Desalination Plant
Luigi Carassale, Cesare Mario Rizzo

42. The Accurate Prediction of the Thermal Response of Welded Structures Based on the Finite Element Method: Myth or Reality?
Dimitrios Karalis, Vasilios Papazoglou, Dimitrios Pantelis

XII. Theoretical Fracture Mechanics and Modeling II

43. Application of a Fracture Methodology for Studying the Mechanics that Govern Failure of Aluminum Structures
Konstantinos Panagiotis Galanis, Tomasz Wierzbicki, Vassilios John Papazoglou

44. BEM Prediction of TBC Fracture Resistance
Loukas K. Keppas, Nick K. Anifantis

XIII. Structural Analysis Composites

45. A Numerical Investigation of Fractured Sandwich Composites under Flexural Loading
Efstathios E. Theotokoglou, Ioannis I. Tourlomousis

46. Mechanical Properties and Failure Investigation of Metallic Open Lattice Cellular Structures
George N. Labeas, Milan M. Sunaric, Vangelis P. Ptochos

Keywords: Material Science, Structural Materials, Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Engineering Design

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