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Ibero-American Bioethics

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Table of contents

1. The Historical Setting of Latin American Bioethics
Diego Grácia Guillén

2. The Discourses of Bioethics in Latin America
José Alberto Mainetti

3. A Personal History of Bioethics in Latin America: The Current Challenge to the Medical Profession and the Influence of Pharmaceutical Companies
James Drane

4. Bioethics in Latin America and Colombia
S. J. Alfonso Llano Escobar

5. The Pan American Health Organization and Latin American Bioethics
Fernando Lolas Stepke

6. References to Bioethics in Argentina
José Alberto Mainetti, Marta Lucia Perez

7. Bioethics in Bolivia: Antecedents and Projections
Javier Luna Orosco Eduardo

8. An X-Ray of Bioethics in Brazil: Pioneering Voices, Institutional and Educational Programs and Perspectives
Leo Pessini, Christian Barchifontaine

9. Bioethics in Chile
Miguel Kottow

10. Evolution of Bioethics in Costa Rica: A Recent History
Daniel Bustos-Montero

11. Bioethics in Cuba: Responsibility and Solidarity
José Ramón Acosta Sariego

12. The History of Bioethics in the Dominican Republic
Miguel Angel Suazo

13. Historical Aspects of the Development of Bioethics in Ecuador
Katya Rodríguez

14. A Survey of the Development of Mexican Bioethics: Genomic Medicine as One of Its Greatest Challenges
Gerardo Jiménez-Sánchez, Cesar Francisco Lara-Álvarez, Alberto Arellano-Méndez

15. The History of Bioethics in Panama
Claude Vergès

16. The History and Development of Bioethics in Paraguay
Marta Ascurra

17. Bioethics in Peru
Roberto Llanos Zuloaga

18. Bioethics in Portugal
Jorge Biscaia, Walter Osswald

19. Historical Development of Bioethics in Puerto Rico
Leonides Santos y Vargas

20. The Dynamics of the Bioethical Dialogue in Spain
Francesc Abel, Núria Terribas

21. Bioethics in Venezuela: First Pathways
Ludwig Schmidt H.

22. Bioethics and Religion in Latin America
Márcio Fabri dos Anjos

23. Bioethics and Women in Latin America: A Biographical and Genealogical Essay
Debora Diniz, Dirce Guilhem

24. The Environment and Bioethics: A Brazilian Perspective
José Roque Junges, Lucilda Selli

25. Human Vulnerability
José Eduardo Siqueira, Marco Segre

26. Ethics of Research Involving Human Subjects: The Brazilian Experience
William Saad Hossne, Corina Bontempo Duca Freitas

27. A Prospective Examination for Discovering Challenges from the Hispano-American Historical Context
Hubert Lepargneur

28. A Critical Reading of Latin American Bioethics
Germán Calderón Legarda

29. What Kind of Future Awaits Us? Some Challenging Questions for the Future of Bioethics in Ibero-America
Leo Pessini, Christian Barchifontaine

30. The Many Beginnings of Bioethics: A Comparison of American and Ibero-American Bioethics and the Possibility of a Global Bioethics
Jennifer A. Bulcock

Keywords: Philosophy, Ethics, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Medicine

Publication year
Philosophy and Medicine
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20 pages

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