Hurford, Clive

Biological Monitoring in Freshwater Habitats

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Table of contents

1. Conservation Monitoring in Freshwater Habitats: An Introduction
Clive Hurford

2. Options for Planning Management
Terry A. Rowell

3. The Water Framework Directive and the Habitats and Birds Directives
Chris Uttley

4. Freshwater Mammals as Indicators of Habitat Condition
Michael Schneider

5. Waterbirds as Bioindicators of Environmental Conditions
Juan A. Amat, Andy J. Green

6. Monitoring Fish Populations in River SACs
Ian G. Cowx, Jonathan P. Harvey, Richard A. Noble, Andrew D. Nunn

7. Assessment of Aquatic Invertebrates
Richard Chadd

8. Riverine Plants as Biological Indicators
Richard Lansdown, Sam Bosanquet

9. Phytoplankton (Toxic Algae) as Biological Indicators
Héctor Rodríguez-Pérez, Victoria López-Rodas, Eduardo Costas

10. Monitoring Biological Invasions in Freshwater Habitats
Montserrat Vilà, Emili García-Berthou

11. Threats to River Habitats and Associated Plants and Animals
Nigel Holmes

12. The Development and Application of Mean Trophic Rank (MTR)
Nigel Holmes

13. Monitoring the Ranunculion Habitat on the River Itchen: Practical Application and Constraints
Richard Lansdown, Tim Pankhurst

14. Observer Variation in River Macrophyte Surveys
Clive Hurford

15. The Implications of Observer Variation for Existing Macrophyte Recording Methods
Clive Hurford, Richard Lansdown

16. Unitisation of Protected Rivers
Chris Dyson

17. Monitoring the Ranunculion Habitat of the Western Cleddau: A Case Study
Clive Hurford, Dan Guest

18. Monitoring of Cryphaea lamyana on the Afon Teifi SSSI/SAC: A Case Study
Sam Bosanquet

19. Monitoring Sea Lamprey Petromyzon marinus Ammocoetes in SAC Rivers: A Case Study on the River Wye
Jonathan P. Harvey, Richard A. Noble, Andrew D. Nunn, Ryan J. Taylor, Ian G. Cowx

20. Monitoring Juvenile Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout in the River Sävarån, Northern Sweden
Hans Lundqvist, Kjell Leonardsson, Ulf Carlsson, Stefan Larsson, Jan Nilsson, Johan Östergren, Lars Karlsson, Peter Rivinoja, Ignacio Serrano, Daniel Palm, John Ferguson

21. Shad Monitoring in the Afon Tywi SAC: A Case Study
Richard West

22. Monitoring the Effects of Acidification and Liming on Water Quality in a Boreal Stream: The River Stridbäcken in Northern Sweden
Johan Ahlström, Mats Johansson

23. A Baseline for Monitoring the Freshwater Natura 2000 Vegetation of the Teifi Pools (Afon Teifi SAC), Wales
David Broughton, Jane Southey

24. Aquatic Plant Monitoring in the Broads
Andrea Kelly, Jane Harris

25. Monitoring Stoneworts Chara spp. at Bosherston Lakes
Bob Haycock, George Hinton

26. Monitoring Wetland Mammals: An Ecological Case Study
Penny Neyland, Dan Guest, Charles Hipkin, Dan Forman

27. Ringed Seals in the Gulf of Bothnia
Michael Schneider

28. An Integrated Monitoring Programme for Doñana Natural Space: The Set-Up and Implementation
Ricardo Díaz-Delgado

29. Monitoring Aquatic Ecosystems at Doñana Natural Space
Miguel Ángel Bravo-Utrera

30. Endangered Waterbirds at Doñana Natural Space
Manuel Máñez, Luis García, Fernando Ibáñez, Héctor Garrido, Juan Manuel Espinar, José Luis Arroyo, José Luis Valle, Alfredo Chico, Antonio Martínez, Rubén Rodríguez

31. Monitoring Marsh Dynamics Through Remote Sensing
Ricardo Díaz-Delgado, David Aragonés, Iban Ameztoy, Javier Bustamante

32. New Technologies for Long-Term Biodiversity Monitoring
Hugues Lefranc, Regino Núñez, Justin Steventon

Keywords: Life Sciences, Applied Ecology, Nature Conservation, Ecotoxicology, Ecology, Freshwater & Marine Ecology

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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