Management of Invasive Weeds

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Table of contents

1. Invasive Plants: Their Role in Species Extinctions and Economic Losses to Agriculture in the USA
David Pimentel

2. Practical Considerations for Early Detection Monitoring of Plant Invasions
Matthew L. Brooks, Robert C. Klinger

3. Eradicating Plant Invaders: Combining Ecologically-Based Tactics and Broad-Sense Strategy
Richard N. Mack, Sara K. Foster

4. Management of Plant Invaders Within a Marsh: An Organizing Principle for Ecological Restoration?
James O. Luken, Keith Walters

5. A Habitat-Classification Framework and Typology for Understanding, Valuing, and Managing Invasive Species Impacts
Christoph Kueffer, Curtis C. Daehler

6. Temporal Management of Invasive Species
Catherine S. Jarnevich, Thomas J. Stohlgren

7. Applying Ecological Concepts to the Management of Widespread Grass Invasions
Carla M. D'Antonio, Jeanne C. Chambers, Rhonda Loh, J. Tim Tunison

8. Weed Invasions in Western Canada Cropping Systems
K. Neil Harker, Robert E. Blackshaw, Hugh J. Beckie, John T. O'Donovan

9. Invasive Plant Species and the Ornamental Horticulture Industry
Alex X. Niemiera, Betsy Von Holle

10. Biological Control of Invasive Weeds in Forests and Natural Areas by Using Microbial Agents
Alana Den Breeÿen, Raghavan Charudattan

11. Sustainable Control of Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea stoebe)
D. G. Knochel, T. R. Seastedt

12. Managing Parthenium Weed Across Diverse Landscapes: Prospects and Limitations
K. Dhileepan

13. Black and Pale Swallow-Wort (Vincetoxicum nigrum and V. rossicum): The Biology and Ecology of Two Perennial, Exotic and Invasive Vines
C. H. Douglass, L. A. Weston, A. DiTommaso

14. Management of Phalaris minor, an Exotic Weed of Cropland
Inderjit, Shalini Kaushik

15. Ecology and Management of the Invasive Marine Macroalga Caulerpa taxifolia

Linda Walters

16. Approach of the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization to the Evaluation and Management of Risks Presented by Invasive Alien Plants
Sarah Brunel, Françoise Petter, Eladio Fernandez-Galiano, Ian Smith

17. Implementing Science-Based Invasive Plant Management
Steven R. Radosevich, Timothy Prather, Claudio M. Ghersa, Larry Lass

Keywords: Life Sciences, Applied Ecology, Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Landscape Ecology

Publication year
Invading Nature – Springer Series In Invasion Ecology
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371 pages
Natural Sciences

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