Wantzen, Karl M.

Ecological Effects of Water-Level Fluctuations in Lakes

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Table of contents

1. Ecological effects of water-level fluctuations in lakes: an urgent issue
Karl M. Wantzen, Karl-Otto Rothhaupt, Martin Mörtl, Marco Cantonati, László G.- Tóth, Philipp Fischer

2. Potential effects of water-level fluctuations on littoral invertebrates in lowland lakes
Mario Brauns, Xavier-François Garcia, Martin T. Pusch

3. Effects of water-level regulation on the nearshore fish community in boreal lakes
Tapio Sutela, Teppo Vehanen

4. Natural lake level fluctuation and associated concordance with water quality and aquatic communities within small lakes of the laurentian great lakes region
M. S. White, M. A. Xenopoulos, K. Hogsden, R. A. Metcalfe, P. J. Dillon

5. Climate change and lakeshore conservation: a model and review of management techniques
Carlos Abrahams

6. The impact of water-level regulation on littoral macroinvertebrate assemblages in boreal lakes
Jukka Aroviita, Heikki Hämäläinen

7. Quantitative trends of zebra mussels in Lake Balaton (Hungary) in 2003–2005 at different water levels
Csilla Balogh, Ilona B. Muskó, László G.- Tóth, Lajos Nagy

8. Patterns, origin and possible effects of sediment pollution in a mediterranean lake
Nikolaos Skoulikidis, Helen Kaberi, Dimitrios Sakellariou

9. Temporal scales of water-level fluctuations in lakes and their ecological implications
Hilmar Hofmann, Andreas Lorke, Frank Peeters

10. Effects of water-depth and water-level fluctuations on the macroinvertebrate community structure in the littoral zone of lake constance
Daniel Baumgärtner, Martin Mörtl, Karl-Otto Rothhaupt

11. Flooding events and rising water temperatures increase the significance of the reed pathogen pythium phragmitis das a contributing factor in the decline of phragmites australis

Jan Nechwatal, Anna Wielgoss, Kurt Mendgen

12. Leaf litter degradation in the wave impact zone of a pre-alpine lake
Simone Pabst, Nicole Scheifhacken, John Hesselschwerdt, Karl M. Wantzen

13. Use of the water-level fluctuation analysis tool (Regcel) in hydrological status assessment of finnish lakes
Antton Keto, Anne Tarvainen, Mika Marttunen, Seppo Hellsten

14. Mass mortality of the invasive bivalve Corbicula fluminea induced by a severe low-water event and associated low water temperatures
Stefan Werner, Karl-Otto Rothhaupt

15. An extension of the floodpulse concept (FPC) for lakes
Karl M. Wantzen, Wolfgang J. Junk, Karl-Otto Rothhaupt

16. Effects of water-level fluctuations on lakes: an annotated bibliography
Manel Leira, Marco Cantonati

Keywords: Life Sciences, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Ecosystems, Fish & Wildlife Biology & Management

Publication year
Developments in Hydrobiology
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6 pages
Natural Sciences

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