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Early Nutrition Programming and Health Outcomes in Later Life

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Table of contents

1. Challenges and Novel Approaches in the Epidemiological Study of Early Life Influences on Later Disease
G. Davey Smith, S. Leary, A. Ness, D. A. Lawlor

2. Infant Feeding and Later Obesity Risk
B. Koletzko, R. Kries, R. C. Monasterolo, J. E. Subias, S. Scaglioni, M. Giovannini, J. Beyer, H. Demmelmair, B. Anton, D. Gruszfeld, A. Dobrzanska, A. Sengier, J. P. Langhendries, Marie-Françoise Rolland Cachera, V. Grote

3. Developmental Origins of Osteoporosis: The Role of Maternal Nutrition
C. Cooper, N. Harvey, Z. Cole, M. Hanson, E. Dennison

4. Does Having Been Breastfed in Infancy Influence Lipid Profile in Later Life?: A Review of the Literature
R. M. Martin, G. Davey Smith

5. The Early Origins of Atherosclerosis
A. Singhal

6. Do LCPUFAs Influence Cardiovascular Function in Early Childhood?
J. S. Forsyth

7. Effects of Supplementing LCPUFA to the Diet of Pregnant Women: Data from RCT
Tamás Decsi

8. The Early Origins of Later Obesity: Pathways and Mechanisms
I. Caroline McMillen, Leewen Rattanatray, Jaime A. Duffield, Janna L. Morrison, Severence M. MacLaughlin, Sheridan Gentili, Beverley S. Muhlhausler

9. Developmental Origins of Obesity: Programming of Food Intake or Physical Activity?
David S. Gardner, Phillip Rhodes

10. Nutrient–Gene Interactions in Early Life Programming: Leptin in Breast Milk Prevents Obesity Later on in Life
Andreu Palou, Juana Sánchez, Catalina Picó

11. Early Nutrition and Later Obesity: Animal Models Provide Insights into Mechanisms
Cornelia C. Metges

12. Tissue Specific Adaptations to Nutrient Supply: More than Just Epigenetics?
Michael E. Symonds, Terence Stephenson, David S. Gardner, Helen Budge

13. Epigenetics – Potential Contribution to Fetal Programming
J. C. Mathers, Jill A. McKay

14. Programming of Impaired Insulin Secretion Versus Sensitivity: Cause or Effect?
Brigitte Reusens, Claude Remacle

15. PGC-1ß: A Co-activator That Sets the Tone for Both Basal and Stress-Stimulated Mitochondrial Activity
Christopher J. Lelliott, Antonio Vidal-Puig

16. Pharmacological and Gene Modification-Based Models for Studying the Impact of Perinatal Metabolic Disturbances in Adult Life
Francesc Villarroya, Carlos Bocos, Marta Giralt, Maria Pilar Ramos, Emilio Herrera, Julio Sevillano, Margalida Gual, Meritxell Rosell, Roser Iglesias

17. Adipose Tissue–Muscle Interactions and the Metabolic Effects of n-3 LCPUFA – Implications for Programming Effects of Early Diet

P. Janovska, J. Kopecky

Trans Isomeric and LCPUFA Are Inversely Correlated in Erythrocyte Membrane Lipids at Mid-gestation
Tamás Marosvölgyi, Cristina Campoy, Berthold Koletzko, Éva Szabó, Viktoria Jakobik, Margarita Jimenez, Hans Demmelmair, Tamás Decsi

19. Early Growth and Body Composition in Infancy
Sirinuch Chomtho, Jonathan C. K. Wells, Peter S. Davies, Alan Lucas, M. S. Fewtrell

20. Obesity Related Programming Statements in Infant Feeding Policies in Five European Countries
Elena Martin-Bautista, Cristina Campoy, Tamás Decsi, Szilvia Bokor, Julia Hoewel, Kirsi Laitinen, Martina A. Schmid, Jane Morgan, Heather Gage, Berthold Koletzko, Monique Raats

21. Obesity Related Programming Statements in Materials on Infant Feeding Aimed at Parents in Five European Countries
Julia Hoewel, Kirsi Laitinen, Elena Martin-Bautista, Cristina Campoy, Viktoria Jakobik, Tamás Decsi, Martina A. Schmid, Jane Morgan, Heather Gage, Berthold Koletzko, Monique Raats

22. Infant Feeding and the Concept of Early Nutrition Programming: A Comparison of Qualitative Data from Four European Countries
Martina A. Schmid, Julia Hoewel, Elena Martin-Bautista, é. Szabó, Cristina Campoy, Tamás Decsi, Jane Morgan, Heather Gage, Berthold Koletzko, Monique Raats

23. What is the EARNEST Dissemination and Exploitation Consensus Panel (DECP)?
Margaret Ashwell, Anne Hunty

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Publication year
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
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205 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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