Eemeren, Frans H.

Pondering on Problems of Argumentation

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Table of contents

Part I. Argumentative Strategies

1. Seizing the Occasion: Parameters for Analysing Ways of Strategic Manoeuvring
Frans H. Eemeren, Peter Houtlosser

2. Manoeuvring Strategically with Rhetorical Questions
A. Francisca Snoeck Henkemans

3. Dissociation: Between Rhetorical Success and Dialectical Soundness
M. A. Rees

4. Strategies of Refutation by Definition: A Pragma-Rhetorical Approach to Refutations
in a Public Speech
Cornelia Ilie

Part II. Norms of Reasonableness and Fallaciousness

5. Nonfallacious Rhetorical Design in Argumentation
Scott Jacobs

6. Normatively Responsible Advocacy: Some Provocations from Persuasion Effects Research
Daniel J. O’Keefe

7. Duets, Cartoons, and Tragedies: Struggles with the Fallacy of Composition
Trudy Govier

8. Deductivism and the Informal Fallacies
Dale Jacquette

Part III. Types of Argument and Argument Schemes

9. From Figure to Argument: Contrarium in Roman Rhetoric
Manfred Kraus

10. Comparing the Incomparable: Figurative Analogies in a Dialectical Testing Procedure
Bart Garssen

11. Argument Schemes Typologies in Practice: The Case of Comparative Arguments
Marianne Doury

12. Whether and How Classical Topics can be Revived Within Contemporary Argumentation Theory
Eddo Rigotti

Part IV. Structure of Argumentation

13. Against Making the Linked-Convergent Distinction
G. C. Goddu

14. Argument Strength, the Toulmin Model, and Ampliative Probability
James B. Freeman

15. Modalities as Indicators in Argumentative Reconstruction
Andrea Rocci

16. Five Theses on Toulmin and Visual Argument
Leo Groarke

Part V. Rules for Advocacy and Discussion

17. On How to Get Beyond the Opening Stage
Erik C. W. Krabbe

18. Testing for Acceptable Premises Within Systems of Belief
Jim Gough

19. The Duties of Advocacy: Argumentation Under Conditions of Disparity, Asymmetry, and Difference
G. Thomas Goodnight

20. Actually Existing Rules for Closing Arguments
Jean Goodwin

Keywords: Humanities / Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies, Applied Linguistics, Philosophy of Language, Logic, Philosophy, Language Education

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