Boersema, Jan J.

Principles of Environmental Sciences

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Table of contents

I. Stating the Problem

1. Environmental Sciences, Sustainability, and Quality
Jan J. Boersema

2. Biogeochemical Cycles
Lucas Reijnders

3. Reconstructing Environmental Changes over the Last 3 Million Years
A. M. Mannion

4. Environmental History: Object of Study and Methodology
Petra J. E. M. Dam, S. Wybren Verstegen

5. Human Environmental History Since the Origin of Agriculture
Clive Ponting

6. Recent Developments and Trends
Lucas Reijnders, Jan Bakkes, Klaas Egmond

II. Principles and Methods

7. General Principles
Craig Dilworth

8. Specific Principles
Lucas Reijnders

9. Social Science and Environmental Behaviour
Linda Steg, Charles Vlek

10. The Natural Environment
Piet H. Nienhuis

11. Analytical Tools for the Environment-Economy Interaction
Paul Ekins

12. Analysis of Physical Interactions Between the Economy and the Environment
Helias A. Udo Haes, Reinout Heijungs

13. Environmental Policy Instruments
Gjalt Huppes, Udo E. Simonis

14. Environmental Institutions and Learning: Perspectives from the Policy Sciences
Matthijs Hisschemöller, Jan Eberg, Anita Engels, Konrad Moltke

15. Technology for Environmental Problems
Karel Mulder

16. Integration
Jan J. Boersema

17. Environmental Modelling
H. J. M. (Bert) Vries

18. An Illustration of the LCA Technique
Reinout Heijungs

19. Integrated Assessment
Jean-Paul Hettelingh, Bert J. M. Vries, Leen Hordijk

III. Context and Perspectives

20. Environmental Policies in Their Cultural and Historical Contexts
Maurie J. Cohen

21. National Policy Styles and Waste Management in The Netherlands and Bavaria
Jan Eberg

22. Land Use in Zimbabwe and Neighbouring Southern African Countries
Ignas M. A. Heitkönig, Herbert H. T. Prins

23. Climate Change Policy of Germany, UK and USA
Richard Wurff

24. Technical Progress, Finite Resources and Intergenerational Justice
Wilfred Beckerman

25. Sustainability is an Objective Value
Herman E. Daly

26. A Rejoinder to Wilfred Beckerman and Herman Daly
Roefie Hueting

27. Transitions to Sustainability as Societal Innovations
Anna J. Wieczorek, Frans Berkhout

28. Agriculture and Food Problems
David Pimentel

29. Tracing the Sustainable Development of Nations with Integrated Indicators
Bastiaan Zoeteman

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