Yanful, Ernest K.

Appropriate Technologies for Environmental Protection in the Developing World

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Table of contents

I. Environmental Health Management

1. A Comparative Case Study of Detection of Radiation in Vegetable Leaves in a Coastal Oil Producing and Hinterland Non-oil Producing Regions in Akwa Ibom State
G. T. Akpabio, B. E. Bassey

2. Influence of Human Activities and Land Use on Heavy Metal Concentrations in Irrigated Vegetables in Ghana and Their Health Implications
E. Mensah, N. Kyei-Baffour, E. Ofori, G. Obeng

3. An Economical Solution for the Environmental Problem Resulting from the Disposal of Rice Straw
A. A. El Damatty, I. Hussain

4. Reversing Africa’s Deforestation for Sustainable Development
K. Tutu, C. Akol

5. Life Cycle Assessment of Chocolate Produced in Ghana
A. Ntiamoah, G. Afrane

6. Sustainable Production of Traditional Medicines in Africa
O. A. Osunderu

7. Microbial Risk Assessment: Application and Stages to Evaluate Water Quality
M. T. P. Razzolini, W. M. R. Günther, A. C. Nardocci

8. Benefits and Dangers of Nanotechnology: Health and Terrorism
Y. A. Owusu, H. Chapman, T. N. Dargan, C. Mundoma

II. Sustainable Energy and Fuel

9. Environment Friendly Biodiesel from Jatropha curcas: Possibilities and Challenges
C. Baroi, E. K. Yanful, M. F. Rahman, M. A. Bergougnou

10. Thermal Utilization of Solid Recovered Fuels in Pulverized Coal Power Plants and Industrial Furnaces as Part of an Integrated Waste Management Concept
G. Dunnu, J. Maier, A. Gerhardt

11. Biogas Production from Organic Waste in Akwa IBOM State of Nigeria
E. E. Ituen, N. M. John, B. E. Bassey

12. West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) Project: Associated Problems and Possible Remedies
E. O. Obanijesu, S. R. A. Macaulay

III. Water Treatment, Purification and Protection

13. Activated Carbon for Water Treatment in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects
I. K. Adewumi

14. Impact of Feedwater Salinity on Energy Requirements of a Small-Scale Membrane Filtration System
B. S. Richards, L. Masson, A. I. Schäfer

15. Modern Technology for Wastewater Treatment and Its Application in Africa
D. Thierno, S. Asplund

16. Ultrafiltration to Supply Drinking Water in International Development: A Review of Opportunities
J. Davey, A. I. Schäfer

17. Groundwater Pollution in Shallow Wells in Southern Malawi and a Potential Indigenous Method of Water Purification
M. Pritchard, T. Mkandawire, J. G. O’Neill

18. Photoelectrocatalytic Removal of Color from Water Using TiO2 and TiO2/Cu2O Thin Film Electrodes Under Low Light Intensity
Z. Feleke, R. Krol, P. W. Appel

IV. Mining and Environment

19. Management of Acid Mine Drainage at Tarkwa, Ghana
V. E. Asamoah, E. K. Asiam, J. S. Kuma

20. A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Reclamation Research in the Oil Sands Region of Canada
C. J. Kelln, S. L. Barbour, B. Purdy, C. Qualizza

21. Intelligent Machine Monitoring and Sensing for Safe Surface Mining Operations
S. Frimpong, Y. Li, N. Aouad

22. Neutralization Potential of Reclaimed Limestone Residual (RLR)
H. Keith Moo-Young

23. Quantification of the Impact of Irrigating with Coalmine Waters on the Underlying Aquifers
D. Vermeulen, B. Usher

24. Application of Coal Fly Ash to Replace Lime in the Management of Reactive Mine Tailings
H. Wang, J. Shang, Y. Xu, M. Yeheyis, E. Yanful

V. Soil Stabilization

25. Consolidation and Strength Characteristics of Biofilm Amended Barrier Soils
J. L. Daniels, R. Cherukuri, V. O. Ogunro

26. Bagasse Ash Stabilization of Lateritic Soil
K. J. Osinubi, V. Bafyau, A. O. Eberemu

27. Strength and Leaching Patterns of Heavy Metals from Ash-Amended Flowable Fill Monoliths
R. Gaddam, H. I. Inyang, V. O. Ogunro, R. Janardhanam, F. F. Udoeyo

VI. Environmental Monitoring

28. Geoelectrical Resistivity Imaging in Environmental Studies
A. P. Aizebeokhai

29. Nitrogen Management for Maximum Potato Yield, Tuber Quality, and Environmental Conservation
S. Y. C. Essah, J. A. Delgado

In Vitro Analysis of Enhanced Phenanthrene Emulsification and Biodegradation Using Rhamnolipid Biosurfactants and Acinetobacter calcoaceticus

N. D. Henry, M. Abazinge

31. Digital Elevation Models and GIS for Watershed Modelling and Flood Prediction – A Case Study of Accra Ghana
D. D. Konadu, C. Fosu

32. Trace Metal Pollution Study on Cassava Flour’s Roadside Drying Technique in Nigeria
E. O. Obanijesu, J. O. Olajide

33. Impact of Industrial Activities on the Physico-chemistry and Mycoflora of the New Calabar River in Nigeria
O. Obire, W. N. Barade

34. Plants as Environmental Biosensors: Non-invasive Monitoring Techniques
A. G. Volkov, M. I. Volkova-Gugeshashvili, Albert J. Osei

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Renewable and Green Energy, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Waste Management/Waste Technology

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