Haupt, Sue Ellen

Artificial Intelligence Methods in the Environmental Sciences

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Table of contents

I. Introduction to AI for Environmental Science

1. Environmental Science Models and Artificial Intelligence
Sue Ellen Haupt, Valliappa Lakshmanan, Caren Marzban, Antonello Pasini, John K. Williams

2. Basic Statistics and Basic AI: Neural Networks
Caren Marzban

3. Performance Measures and Uncertainty
Caren Marzban

4. Decision Trees
G. R. Dattatreya

5. Introduction to Genetic Algorithms
Sue Ellen Haupt

6. Introduction to Fuzzy Logic
John K. Williams

7. Missing Data Imputation Through Machine Learning Algorithms
Michael B. Richman, Theodore B. Trafalis, Indra Adrianto

II. Applications of AI in Environmental Science

8. Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis
William W. Hsieh

9. Neural Network Applications to Solve Forward and Inverse Problems in Atmospheric and Oceanic Satellite Remote Sensing
Vladimir M. Krasnopolsky

10. Implementing a Neural Network Emulation of a Satellite Retrieval Algorithm
George S. Young

11. Neural Network Applications to Developing Hybrid Atmospheric and Oceanic Numerical Models
Vladimir M. Krasnopolsky

12. Neural Network Modeling in Climate Change Studies
Antonello Pasini

13. Neural Networks for Characterization and Forecasting in the Boundary Layer via Radon Data
Antonello Pasini

14. Addressing Air Quality Problems with Genetic Algorithms: A Detailed Analysis of Source Characterization
Sue Ellen Haupt, Christopher T. Allen, George S. Young

15. Reinforcement Learning of Optimal Controls
John K. Williams

16. Automated Analysis of Spatial Grids
Valliappa Lakshmanan

17. Fuzzy Logic Applications
John K. Williams, Cathy Kessinger, Jennifer Abernethy, Cathy Kessinger, Scott Ellis

18. Environmental Optimization: Applications of Genetic Algorithms
Sue Ellen Haupt

19. Machine Learning Applications in Habitat Suitability Modeling
Sašo D?eroski

Keywords: Environment, Environment, general, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Math. Appl. in Environmental Science, Numerical and Computational Methods, Computer Applications in Earth Sciences, Earth Sciences, general

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Natural Sciences

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